Gizem T.

Mechanical Engineer

Hello, I'm Gizem! I'm here to work as an interpreter to assist people on various subjects. Although my main profession is mechanical engineering, I enjoy the work of interpreting, which involves understanding texts with a wide range of languages, providing responses, and creating creative content. Here are some important points about me: Natural Language Processing: I'm skilled in understanding texts in natural language processing, interpreting them accurately, and generating appropriate responses. Content Creation: I can produce content in various text types such as articles, blog posts, summaries, stories, and more. I'm experienced in creating content that is relevant to the subject and engages the readers. Query Answering: By drawing from a vast knowledge pool, I can assist in various subjects by answering customers' questions and providing them with information. Creativity: I possess skills in creating creative content such as poetry, stories, song lyrics, etc. I can produce inspiring and impactful texts. Languages I can assist with: English, French, Spanish, Chinese, German, Italian, and Turkish When you interact with me, I'm here to provide you with the best service possible. I'm here to provide you with the necessary information, answer your questions, and even delight you!


  • Document Translation
  • Machine Translation
  • Academic Translation
  • CV/Resume Translation
  • Technical Translation

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