Divyank A.

Senior Software Engineer | Rust Expert

Enthusiastic software geek with experience of 5+ years passionate about distributed systems and data structures. I love learning about new technologies, and better ways to scale our existing systems. A clear understanding of business requirements and implementation details. Motivated to learn, grow and excel in development & teamwork. I am always open to chatting about opportunities involving Rust, Blockchain, Solidity and many more. Technologies that I have worked with: - Rust - Blockchain - Bitcoin - Bitcoin Lightening - Ethereum - Solidity - Smart Contracts - Golang - NodeJS - Python - Postgres Some Noticeable projects: - Concord - Concord is an upcoming social media platform to create communities with friends, families, and like-minded individuals to hang out, learn and stay informed. Concord offers unique features and solves existing platform flaws, such as Discord. - Sphinx Chat (a portfolio company of Stillmark Venture Capitals) - Sphinx Chat is an end to end encrypted chat with no central server using the bitcoin lightning network. - An Auction House, where authorized users can mint an NFT and allow bidding on it with a custom ERC20 token - A trading Dapp where users can place sell orders on different ERC20 tokens and other users can get a quoted price, calculated from the corresponding sell orders and buy these tokens with Ether should they choose to. - A betting site wherein different questions with a scope much larger than what traditional betting sites cover can be posed and users can buy shares of the corresponding bets through a trustless contract system set to be resolved via the UMA oracle on Polygon.
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  • Rust
  • RESTful API
  • TypeScript
  • Smart Contract
  • Solidity
  • Websockets
  • Software Architecture