Josip H.

Google/Meta Ads Expert at Kuhada Agency

High Level Expert: | ✔Google Ads| ✔Meta Ads| ✔Google Analytics 4|✔Google Tag Manager| ✔Google Looker Studio| ✔Meta Pixel| ✔Data Analyst Additional Skills: | ✔HTML| ✔WordPress| ✔Regular Expression| ✔Basic Programming| ✔High level Mathematics| ✔Statistics 🚩I can do everything you need remotely, on your computer, in front of you. I can also screen record the whole process if needed and create custom tutorials for your team.🚩 ✅Free 30min video call Because I'm aware of the amount of fake experts, and the inability of the client to recognize them just from the CV provided, I am offering a free 30min video call. Unfortunately, in this field, certificates and other credentials mean absolutely nothing. Almost everything in this field changes roughly every 3-5 years which means that a person can become an expert within 5 years, and a person can also stop being an expert within 5 years. This field is all about quick adaptation, problem-solving and critical thinking. This is what I'm offering: I know how to create campaigns, collect data, analyze data, and how to choose the optimal path for the client based on limited resources. ✅High level of expertise ✅I'm very quick so you don't need many hours ✅Experience with uncommon problems and troubleshooting ✅High-level Mathematics I'm here if you need: ✅- Consulting ✅- Help with setting up your campaigns ✅- Account Audit (Google Ads, Meta Ads, Google Analytics, Meta Pixel, Tag Manager etc.) ✅- Tech support (if you are an agency or a freelancer with a problem) ✅- Coaching and mentoring (we can discuss different $$$ per hour in this case) ✅- An Agency (Google Ads, Meta Ads, Web Development, Web Hosting, design, data tracking, data analysis) Some experience in programming (C, Python), HTML, PHP, WordPress RegEx. This allows me to be able to implement most of the solutions without cooperation with web developers, which increases efficiency and speed. Although I'm primarily focused on technical execution and data analysis, I am fully familiar with the Marketing field as a whole. It is not difficult for me to get to an understanding with the creative department and product managers. This allows me to easily understand the client's business and provide holistic solutions that go beyond just advertising and into logistics and business management. We can even optimize product inflows/outflows through advertising to make sure you don't sell too much of one thing and too little of something else. My experience with visual design is limited, so I am not the best option if you require someone who creates the best visuals for ads. So far I have worked (long term, 2 years of cooperation or more) with over 200 small and medium-sized businesses. If you need help collecting data, analyzing data, or creating campaigns, I'm here for you. Since I have worked with many small clients, making sure that they get profitable results as quickly as possible has always been my priority. Advertising is not as fast as many people think, and most companies should not expect great results in less than 3-6 months, however, I often get solid results within 1-3 months. Also, if you are an Agency that needs help and you have a bad experience with Google or Meta tech support, it is quite possible I could help. 🚩My passion is establishing mechanisms and formulas that help us make business decisions based purely on data. Too many decisions in business are baseless and results attributed to those decisions are usually not true. 🚩 👉With my approach, the root cause of the majority of results will be known, and decision-making can be derived from concrete data instead of "hunch" or gut feeling. I have extensive knowledge in: Advertising: Google Ads, Meta Ads Data tracking and analysis: Google Analytics, Google Tag Manager, Looker Studio, Data Analysis, Mathematics Economy: Lots of experience with stocks and futures markets, Bitcoin, micro and macro economy and inner workings of monetary systems, foreign exchange etc. I have some knowledge in: Programming (C, Python), HTML, PHP, WordPress, RegEX - This allows me to work on my own and I generally don't need to communicate with web developers or programmers in order to implement data tracking or some additional simple solutions, updates, small changes on websites etc.


  • Google Ads Account Management
  • Looker Studio
  • Tag Manager Setup
  • Facebook Advertising
  • Instagram Ad Campaign
  • Meta Pixel