Dmitry O.

Dmitry O.


Sales, Business Development, Strategy, and Marketing Expert

Hi! My name is Dmitry. I am your guy if you are looking for someone who can help you in Sales, Business Development, Strategy, and Marketing! I have over 10 years of experience in Digital Marketing, AdTech, and MarTech, SaaS. I have also been in the Sales industry for 15 years. My expertise and skills have led me to launch the Digital Sales Academy school. I was also a lecturer at the Higher School of Economics, Department of Marketing and Advertising, "Sales in the Digital Environment" discipline. To date, I have carried out more than $50M of transactions, and I am proud to have helped increase revenue from 0 to $15M in just five years without attracting external investments in my last job. Aside from that, my partners, and I founded an AdTech platform in 2015, which we recently sold in 2021. I want to add that I am knowledgeable in AI tools and technologies that can help me better analyze data and market trends. I stay updated with the latest AI trends to improve my work. With all the great teams I have worked with before, I am confident I can be a valuable asset to any company requiring my skills.


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