Oluwatobiloba O.

Expert Software Engineer | 5 Years Experience | Full-Stack Developer

As a Machine Learning Engineer with a focus on delivering sophisticated projects, I bring a wealth of experience gained from both industry roles and academic pursuits. During my internship at DeepMind, a leading AI research lab, I had the privilege of working alongside some of the brightest minds in the field. This invaluable experience allowed me to deepen my understanding of cutting-edge machine learning techniques and gain hands-on experience with state-of-the-art tools and frameworks. At DeepMind, I contributed to projects at the forefront of artificial intelligence research, tackling complex problems in areas such as reinforcement learning and natural language processing. My internship experience sharpened my problem-solving skills and provided me with insights into the inner workings of large-scale AI systems. Outside of my internship, I have continued to push the boundaries of what is possible in the field of machine learning. I have developed and deployed high-impact AI solutions, including self-driving car systems and image classifiers, that have garnered attention for their innovation and effectiveness. Additionally, my contributions to open-source projects such as Hugging Face and Ivy showcase my commitment to the community and my passion for driving progress in the field. Through my internship experience and ongoing projects, I have honed my ability to tackle complex challenges and deliver tangible results. I am excited to bring my unique blend of skills and experiences to new opportunities, where I can continue to drive innovation and make a meaningful impact.

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  • PyTorch
  • Python
  • Python Scikit-Learn
  • SQL
  • API Integration
  • EJS
  • Machine Learning
  • Supervised Learning
  • API