Pablo R.
Yerba BuenaArgentina

Firmware Developer: Embeded C/C++, IoT, Arduino, ESP, Robotics & more

Hello! 💡 I am a C and C++ programmer with extensive experience as an embedded systems technician and developer. 🌐I offer a wide range of services! For example: ✔️ Embedded system and software development: I can design the system architecture, firmware, and circuits from prototype to final product. ✔️ Internet of Things (IoT): I have experience in developing IoT solutions, including creating custom protocols, configuring network topologies, and integrating with cloud platforms. ✔️ Prototyping and simulation: I use tools like Proteus Design Suite, Tinkercad, and WOKWI to create accurate prototypes and simulations that guarantee the functionality of the circuits, and also the validation on protoboard before building the pcb. ✔️ Hardware design: I can design electronic circuits with microcontrollers, sensors, and actuators, calculate and design the circuits and their components, and develop the PCB in 1 or 2 layers. ✔️ Databases: I can work with SQL databases, including MySQL, for storing and retrieving data in your embedded systems. ✔️ Project management: I use agile methodologies like Scrum to manage projects efficiently and collaboratively, ensuring deadlines and budgets are met. 🌐 Tools, instruments and components I have: 🔹Programmers: Mini programmer Ch341, Pickit 2, USB to TTL YP-01. 🔹Oscilloscope UNI-T UTD-2102CEX 100Mhz 🔹8 channel 20Mhz logic analyzer 🔹3D printer Creality Ender 3 v2 🔹Microcontrollers: Arduino Due, Arduino Micro, Raspberry Pi Pico, ESP8266, ESP32-Cam, ESP-01S, PIC16F877 🔹Communication modules: Ethernet W5100, Ethernet Enc28j60, RS232 to TTL, Bluetooth Module HC-05, RF Transceiver Nrf24l01, CAN Bus Transceiver SN65HVD230, USB to RS485 Converter, USB Adapter for NRF24L01. 🔹Displays: OLED 64x48 i2c, IPS 240*240 spi ST7789 🔹Modules: Real Time Clock DS1307, MicroSD Card Adapter, RFID-RC522, OV7670 Cameras, 🔹Accelerometers: MMA7660, MMA845X, MPU9250, ADXL335 (GY-61), MPU6050, MMA7455, L3G4200D, LSM303 (GY-511), ADXL345. 🔹Motor: Stepper motors, dc motors, l298n h-bridges, DRV8825 Stepper Motor Driver Carrier, Pololu Driver A4988. 🔹Sensor Modules: KY-040 Rotary Encoder, Gas Sensors (MQ-7, MQ-5, MQ-3, MQ-8), 50kg & 1kg Weight Sensors hx711, AHT10, PIR, ADB232 Heart Monitor, Current and Voltage Sensor MAX471, ACS711 Hall current sensor, HC-SR04 Sensors, DS18B20 Temperature Sensor. 🌐Relevant experience: 🔹c/c++ programmer for arduino, raspberry pi pico, esp8266, esp32, pic. 🔹Calculation and design of circuits and PCB (1 and 2 layers) 🔹Internet of Things, communication protocols, topology and network configuration, 🔹Databases: MySQL 🔹Project Management Software: Jira, Confluence, Slack, MS Project 🔹Documentation: Microsoft Visio, Word, confluence, github 🔹Cad: solidworks, autocad 🔹Programming: Arduino IDE, Vscode platformio, 🌐In addition to my technical skills, I am also: 🔹Effective communicator: I maintain open and transparent communication with my clients, keeping them informed of project progress and actively seeking their feedback. 🔹Quick learner: I am always willing to learn new technologies and take on new challenges. 🔹Detail-oriented: I care about the details and make sure my work is of high quality. 🔹Adaptable: I can work independently or as part of a team. Do not hesitate to contact me! I am sure that I can bring great value to your project with my skills and experience. Partner with me to bring your embedded systems vision to life. Contact me to discuss your project requirements and how I can help you achieve your goals!


  • Firmware
  • ESP32
  • Electromechanics
  • Electronics
  • 3D Printer