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China Sourcing Agent/Packaging Designer/Alibaba/1688.com/Dropshipping

Greetings. I am a Shenzhen based freelancer Kuang. I am a veteran sourcing agent with solid background of manufacturing industry. I have been working in manufacturing industry for more than 12 years. I would say I am also a highly skilled negotiator. To me negotiation is an art and it can make a huge difference when it comes to close a deal with a great price and other trade terms. My hourly charge might be higher than average. But to spend more money on finding a more skilled helping hand to make the cost lower for the target product or the opposite is never a hard decision. Supplier search, information collection, manufacturer vetting, etc, they are so important for a right decision. Wrong information may misguide you to make a wrong decision, may make you lose a wonderful business opportunity. In the eyes of my Children I am a designer as they saw me design packagings as a value-added service at home when I do sourcing for those who want to build their own brand and do private labeling. I already have a couple of printing/packaging manufacturers working with me. It can be very helpful to those startups who need a small MOQ with their own logo and packaging but can not reach a deal with their potential suppliers. By using my packaging sourcing and buying service this problem can be solved. You do not have to take such a big risk to spend a lot of money to keep a big stock when you just start your business. I am living in Guangming District, Shenzhen and I do Quality Inspection within a radius of 100 miles. It means I can go to Shenzhen, Dongguan, Guangzhou, Foshan, Zhongshang and Huizhou to do Quality Inspection for you. Shenzhen is considered as the Tech Hub of China. You can find most electronic products available here. It is 1 hour's drive from the neighbouring city Dongguan who is known as the workshop of the world and 2 hours' drive from Zhongshan who is famous for its LED Lighting Industry, Foshan who is famous for its machineries and the world famous city Guangzhou. It is easy for me to drive to go there for on-site Factory Auditing or Quality Inspection. There are also thousands of manufacturers within a radius of 10km around me. It is super easy for me to outsource CNC Machining, Laser Cutting, Mold Making/Molding and PCB Design and Manufacturing within this redius and go for quality inspection afterwards. My Specialty is on Consumer Electronics, especially products around smart phones like data cables, chargers (wired or wireless), Acoustic Products including Stereo Loudspeaker, Wired earphones, Bluetooth Earphones and TWS Earbuds. And I have a solid background of Plastic Injection Mold and Molding. As a Graphic Designer, I use Adobe Illustrator or CorelDraw to design packaging for my clients when necessary and I use Adobe Photoshop to edit images so that they can use them on their websites easily. I am a fast learner and I work fast. I am a guy with strong attention to details. The job I prefer is the kind that is relatively challenging and creative. Let us have a talk or maybe a voice or video call to see if I can be a helping hand to you. Thank you for your precious time and the best wishes to you. Zhaoguang Kuang

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Get started working with Zhaoguang quickly with these predefined projects.

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