Faheem N.

Supply Chain, Logistics & Procurement | Operations & Admin Manager

✔ Supply Chain & Logistics , ✔ Sourcing & Procurement Expert , ✔ Order Processing, ✔ E-Commerce Operations, and ✔ Administrative Assistance ✔ Virtual Assistant , ✔ Sales & Business Development ...... As an expert in 👉 Supply chain & Logistics , 👉 Sourcing & Procurement, and 👉 E-commerce Operations Management , I specialize in optimizing 👉 Order processing, 👉 Reducing costs, and 👉 Strategic sourcing. With extensive experience in 👉 Inventory management, 👉 Supplier negotiation, 👉 Contract management, and 👉Logistics optimization, 👉 Logistics Operations & 👉 Order Fulfillment , I ensure efficient and cost-effective operations. My skills in Market Research & analysis, Risk management, and sustainable sourcing further enhance your business's efficiency and profitability. 👉 Additionally, I offer comprehensive administrative assistance, including operations management and process improvement. 👉 Proven in managing global sourcing and leveraging advanced software tools, I am dedicated to delivering customized solutions that drive success. 🤝 Let’s collaborate to streamline your operations and achieve outstanding results. Contact me today to discuss your needs! ⬆ 🙌 Career Journey : My career journey has cultivated mastery in Certified Professional by Google in 🥇 Google Analytics 🥇 Google Ads 🥇 | Digital Marketing | 👉👉Global Sourcing( Alibaba etc.) 👉Supply Chain & Logistics, Operations ✔Accounting & Bookkeeping ✔QuickBooks Specialist... 👉👉👉🧪 Quality Control, Quality Assurance, and ISO compliance, amplified by proficiency in precise report generation and adept data management. My Microsoft Word prowess and intermediate ✔ Excel fluency seamlessly complement ✔Supply Chain/Inventory & Store Management , ✔ SAP ERP for Material Management. 🧪Chemical Engineer ✅ , My trajectory is a testament to consistent excellence, characterized by meticulous detail orientation and unwavering industry alignment. As a trailblazer in Research and Development, I've championed trials, innovated product formulations, and fortified stability benchmarks. The epitome of my Quality Control prowess is defined by rigorous testing, unwavering GLP compliance, and meticulous instrumentation care. Beyond technical excellence, I've ventured into the echelons of Freelancing Services, shining as a Virtual Assistant adept in data conversion, Logistics, and more. My digital command spans Social Media Marketing, Digital Marketing, and Data Analytics, empowering me to engineer compelling paid and organic strategies across a panorama of platforms. In tandem, my openness to contribute as a freelancer on Upwork reflects my zeal to engage in diverse roles encompassing ✔ Social Media Marketing, ✔ Digital Marketing ✔ Google Analytics 4 (GA4) ✔Google Tag Manager (GTM) ✔ Logistics✔ Supply Chain and ✔ Virtual Assistance ✔ Global Sourcing & Procurement , ✔ Alibaba Supplier Sourcing ✔ China Sourcing Agent ✔ Vendor Search , ✔ Supplier Search , ✔ RFQ ✔ RFP ✔ MOQ ✔ Supplier Management ✔ Product Sourcing ✔ Outsourcing ✔ Amazon Product Sourcing ✔ Market Research ✔ Price Negotiations ✔ Supplier Verification ✔ Vendor & Product Management with linguistic agility and adaptive prowess, I embody unwavering work ethics and seamless collaboration across multifarious functions. My ultimate quest is to seamlessly blend this dynamic skill set into an innovative organization, igniting strategic growth, fostering innovation, and collectively scripting a saga of remarkable triumph. I look forward to working with you. Thanks Regards. Interested in these roles relevant tags : sourcing ,supply chain ,operations ,administrative ,administrative support, customer support ,logistics, inventory management ,virtual assistant ,personal assistant ,talent sourcing ,Candidate Management ,Recruiting ,Candidate Sourcing ,Interpersonal Skills ,Communications ,executive assistant ,product sourcing ,vendor management ,warehouse management ,freight, dispatcher ,customer service ,scheduling ,call center ,chat support ,Australia , Germany, sourcing specialist ,sourcing agent ,product sourcing agent ,scouting ,market research ,data entry ,live chat ,order ,logistics management ,procurement, purchase ,live chat support, transportation, formulation chemist etc.

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  • Supply Chain & Logistics
  • Product Sourcing
  • Logistics Management
  • Google Analytics 4
  • Sales Operations
  • Virtual Assistance
  • Logistics Coordination
  • Executive Support

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Get started working with Faheem quickly with these predefined projects.

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