Anthony C.

Creative Copywriter and Digital Content Strategist,

About Me: I'm a professional writer with 12 years of experience. An English teacher for 11 years. A musician for 25 years, playing guitar, bass, and singing. A lifelong content creator from New York. My varied experiences infuse creativity and technical skill into every piece of content. YouTube Scriptwriter: As the creator of "Shokisan," I understand the challenges and rewards of growing a YouTube channel. Film Enthusiast: My deep passion for cinema translates into engaging entertainment content, especially movie reviews and summaries. Musician's Touch: As a performing bass guitarist, I bring rhythm and engagement to my writing, ensuring it informs and entertains. SEO: With a decade in content writing, I'm adept at choosing keywords, understanding algorithms, and using AI tools for discoverable content. Strategic Problem Solver: I approach challenges like tuning a guitar: understanding the issue, strategizing solutions, and making the right adjustments. FAQ: "How do you keep your writing skills sharp?" Teaching English for a decade, running a YouTube channel, and blogging have honed my communication skills. "Tell me more about your audio work." I have hands-on experience in sound design, audio production, and AI text-to-speech tools, ensuring an immersive audio experience. "How do you manage tight deadlines and juggle multiple projects?" Teaching and writing have instilled discipline and organization. I prioritize tasks and manage time effectively, ensuring quality and timely delivery. "What's your collaboration style with clients?" I believe in open communication, understanding the client's vision, and iterating based on feedback to ensure the final product aligns with their goals.
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  • Guitar Performance
  • Sound Mixing
  • SEO Content
  • YouTube
  • AI Text-to-Speech