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Hey, I'm Rizwan Ali, a skilled Full Stack Developer and CEO of DEVCIR specializing in Python, AI, ML, NLP, Flask, Django, PyTorch, MERN,PHP/Laravel, WordPress, and Woo Com along with shopify. With a wealth of experience, I excel in crafting innovative IT solutions that seamlessly fulfil client requirements while enhancing functionality and user experience. 🌟 DEVCIR, where we elevate development of solution at utmost perfection. 🌟 With over a decade of experience, I specialize in a wide range of technologies and services, ensuring that your project receives the attention it deserves. 💯 At DEVCIR, we guarantee a 100% refund policy no questions asked if we fail to fullfill our commitments, ensuring client satisfaction with utmost perfection.💯 Unlock Your Success with our potential to Elevate Development To Perfection : 🌟Got a brilliant idea? We're all ears.✅ 🌟Industry got you stumped? Let's craft a winning solution.✅ 🌟Eyeing that next funding round? We'll polish your product to perfection.✅ 🌟Fed up with off-the-shelf? Let's create something uniquely yours.✅ 🌟Done with unreliable partners? We're your reliable ally.✅ 🌟Dive into Fintech, Logistics, MedTech, or Real Estate literally any industry✅ 🌟Ready for AI automation? We're here to make it happen.✅ 🌟From hospitality softwares to PWA, let's redefine your success story.✅ 🟢 Web Development Stacks: ☑️ LAMP ☑️ MEAN ☑️ MERN ☑️ Django ☑️ Ruby on Rails ☑️ JAMstack ☑️ LEMP ☑️ .NET ☑️ WAMP ☑️ Flask ☑️ Java Spring ☑️ Ruby ☑️ LampCMS ☑️ Swift 🟢 AI & ML Stacks: ☑️ TensorFlow ☑️ PyTorch ☑️ Scikit-learn ☑️ OpenAI ☑️ NLP ☑️ CNTK ☑️ Apache MXNet ☑️ H2O.ai ☑️ DataRobot ☑️ IBM Watson 🟢 CMS Stacks: ☑️ WordPress ☑️ Drupal ☑️ Joomla ☑️ Shopify ☑️ WooCommerce ☑️ Magento ☑️ Squarespace ☑️ Wix ☑️ PrestaShop ☑️ BigCommerce 🟢 CRMs, ERPs, POS, ISP Stacks: ☑️ Salesforce ☑️ Microsoft Dynamics ☑️ Odoo ☑️ SAP ☑️ Shopify ☑️ WooCommerce ☑️ Magento ☑️ QuickBooks ☑️ Zoho ☑️ HubSpot 🟢 Mobile App Stacks: ☑️ React Native ☑️ Flutter ☑️ Swift ☑️ Firebase ☑️ Xamarin ☑️ Kotlin/Java ☑️ Android/iOS cross-hybrid stacks ☑️ Ionic ☑️ PhoneGap 🟢PWA & MVP Stacks: ☑️ Progressive Web Apps (PWA) ☑️ Minimum Viable Products (MVP) ☑️ Angular ☑️ React ☑️ Vue.js ☑️ Node.js ☑️ MongoDB ☑️ Express.js ☑️ GraphQL ☑️ RESTful API ❌We Might not be a good fit if:❌ ❌ You prioritize cost above all else. Because we are reasonable Not Cheap ❌ Your project relates to the betting or adult entertainment industry. We have some moral value we don't want to trespass. ❌ Mutual respect isn't a priority for you. If we cannot respect each other we can't work along at all. ❌ You require immediate turnaround. Expectation need to setup properly. DEVCIR's mantra, "Innovate, Create, Excel," drives our relentless pursuit of excellence, pushing boundaries in AI and beyond to deliver unmatched solutions for our valued clients. 🌟 ELEVATING DEVELOPMENT TO PERFECTION 🌟
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  • Laravel
  • WordPress
  • Full-Stack Development
  • Website Redesign
  • Plugin Development
  • MERN Stack
  • Django Stack
  • NLP Tokenization
  • Chatbot
  • AI Development