Samuel  O.

AI & Machine Learning | Natural language processing | Python

✓ Experienced Data Scientist specializing in Natural Language processing and proficient in computer vision ✓ Expertise in building and deploying ML/DL models for image recognition, object detection, and classification using tensorflow and pytorch ✓ Skilled in conducting comprehensive analysis of visual data and advanced Web scraping ✓ Proficient in Time-Series Forecasting, classification, prediction, and detection tasks ✓ Knowledge in data pre-processing, visualization, and extraction using Python, SQL and pandas ✓ Familiarity with Microsoft Azure AI for optimizing computer vision workflows and enhancing AI-driven solutions

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  • PyTorch
  • TensorFlow
  • SQL
  • Generative AI
  • LangChain
  • ChatGPT API Integration
  • FastAPI
  • Hugging Face
  • Scripting