Ina S.
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PhD, Expert in Google-Apps-Script and Google APIs

I am a senior developer specializing in Google Apps Script including Add-ons, Web Apps and implementation of Google Workspace APIs (Sheets API, Drive API, Gmail API, Calendar API, Admin SDK, Docs API, Forms API, Directory API) and well as Google Maps API. I also have wide experience in the set-up and administration of the Google Workspace environment and the Google Cloud Platform. After working for almost 5 years contracted to Google, I now work exclusively as a freelancer. I have also been active on puclic forums like Stackoverflow profile where I have helped many developers (Stackoverflow user name: ziganotschka). I prefer to work on medium-term or long-term projects, but am also always happy to assist you with a single-time project. I work both as a developer, as well as a consultant for other developers who are less experienced with the Google Workspace ecosystem and publication of Add-ons. I am responsible, reliable, with attention to detail, focusing on efficient code writing and finding workarounds for complicated problem settings and individually tailored solutions. I can also help with code optimization. You will not regret contracting me for your project! EXPERIENCE: - Google APIs (Sheets API, Drive API, Gmail API, Calendar API, Admin SDK, Docs API, Chat API, Forms API, Directory API, Data Transfer API, Groups API, Reports API, People API, Tasks API, Slides API, Google Picker API, Charts API) and well as Google Maps API and Natural Language API. - Developement and publication of Google Editor and Google Workspace Add-ons for Google Sheets, Docs, Forms, Drive, Calendar and Gmail - Google Sheets integrations and dashboards - Set-up and implementation of service accounts and domain-wide delegation - Set-up and configuration of Google Cloud projects and Google Admin console - Restoring accidently deleted Google Drive data - Automation of Google Sheets Dashboards - Code optimization including integration of Google Workspace APIs and batch requests - Workrounds to bypass Google apps Script quota and limitations - Automatic creation of reports and invoices - Implementation of Google Picker - Programatic creation of dynamic Google Forms and custom HTML forms, integration into Google Sheets ecosystems - Programatic export of Google Sheets to pdf including customisation of page breaks and other parameters - Generation of barcodes and labels - Set-up and integration of Firestore & Firebase - Implementation of exponential backup algorithms - Creation and maintenance of Looker Studio (formerly: Data Studio) Dashboards THIRD PARTY API INTEGRATIONS: - Paypal, Twilio, Bittrex, Coinbase, MyHours, ChatGPT etc. as well as you custom APIs SOURCE CODE VERSION CONTROL: Bitbucket, Git, SVN PROJECT MANAGEMENT TOOLS: Jira, Asana, Trello, Slack, Clickup FURTHER SKILLS: MySQL, PHP, general Web Development, Chrome Extensions


  • Google Apps Script
  • Google APIs
  • Technical Translation
  • Google Sheets
  • Looker Studio
  • Google Workspace
  • Google Workspace Administration
  • Spreadsheet Macros
  • Web Application