Setti P.

Admin Whiz, Google Sheets Enthusiast (seriously)

Google Sheets / Excel whiz. My background is in video editing, social content, and photography. I became a Google Sheets whiz along the way because *creatives* are notoriously unorganized and I decided to help make our lives easier by developing systems to keep us on track. That's how I became a project manager, and why nobody has my phone number anymore, ha! I am the pinch hitter, always equipped with a solution for technical and administrative challenges. Due to overwhelming demand, I offer these services to Upwork clients and very close, friends and family, only. Get it while its hot! Jokes aside, I am a service-oriented professional with over 10 years of experience directly interfacing with clients. I'm sure you can tell by the way that I'm speaking, this is not an amateur hour operation. I am here to work with you. Your priorities are my priorities. Together we will complete your work on time and according to expectations. Nothing more, nothing less. Please write me with a brief or outline the details of your project. If I can help with it, great! If its out of my wheelhouse, I will try my very best to recommend another person or resource to help you along your way. Thanks for reading, hope to connect soon!


  • Google Sheets
  • Google Sheets Automation
  • Google Workspace Administration
  • Data Preprocessing