Md Reazul I.
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Agile Project Manager | CSPO | CSM

A strong and energetic CSPO® & CSM® certifed Product/Project Manager with ⭐ 5+ years of experience in developing SAAS products, ride-sharing, health-tech, complex ERP systems, and music-related applications. I am the subject matter expert when I take on a job. Can you relate to any of this 🤔 ------------------------------------------- - You have a product idea but don’t know how to start 😵‍💫 - Hesitant to hire a project manager because they may be not as passionate about the product as you 🙃 - You have a mobile app or website but don’t know why users are not staying on your platform and conversion is not happening 😕 - A team of developers and UI/UX designers are working with you but you don’t know their technical terms and jargon and you are feeling a communication gap 😒 - Having difficulty managing a remote team😫 - You are looking for someone more than a requirements/ user stories writer 🧐 If you can relate to any of this. 📞 We need to talk right now❗ ⚒️ Favourite tools: ------------------------------- PM: ClickUp, Notion, Jira, GitHub, Discord, Slack, Calendly Development Methodologies: SCRUM Testing: Postman, Selenium, Cypress Website: WordPress, Elementor, Webflow, Shopify, woocommerce Analytics: Google Analytics, Mysql Advertising: FB ads, SEO I am a firm believer in a person's word. If I say something is going to be done, it will be done against all odds ⚡.
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  • Product Roadmap
  • Agile Project Management
  • Wireframing
  • Process Flow Diagram
  • Remote IT Management
  • API Testing
  • Product Backlog
  • UX Research
  • ClickUp