Michael N.
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Full Stack Dev | Helps YOU Build Apps & Capture 10K/mo in Free Ads

Your App Without Promotion = DEATH! The ONE & ONLY dev in Upwork who can solving this problem by helping you build apps & capture $10K/month in Free Ads Credit (used for Promotion). Developing quality SaaS apps generated profit from Day 1 🦄 $148M revenue generated 𝗳𝗿𝗼𝗺 𝘁𝗼𝗽 companies: Bank of America, Deloitte, KMPG & 20+ years software development experience 🌟 The founders/product owners I work with need a solution to get the SaaS solution out there to generate profit...FAST. I help them crush it: - The Travel Tracker app designed for Fortune 100 companies racked up 7-figure revenue - Boot-strapped startup in telecommunication reached $1M in revenue in 6 months. - The Loan Modification app from the #2 bank in America helps 40 million "underwater" home borrowers qualify for Federal programs ⚡︎I cannot help everybody, but we may be a great fit if you are thinking: - The last developer you used was painfully slow, taking weeks between revisions - You need someone to turn your app idea into reality - You want to work with the BEST, not with a developer with inconsistent quality and communication barriers. - You want reliability and timeliness from a developer who can meet deadlines while juggling multiple projects. - You want developers with high accountability and invested in the project's long term - You want the whole experience filled with L.I.F.E (Lucrative, Innovative, Fun, and Easy) and ZERO S.O.S (Struggling, Obnoxious, and Stressful) 🦄 Past clients include: Bank of America, KPMG, Deloitte, Starbucks, Chanel, Lexus, Chase Bank, Amazon Working with me, you will ★ Anticipate extremely quick turnaround without compromising on quality ★ Stay on top of the project with our always-on, available and responsive update (24hrs a day, 7 days a week) ★Put your best foot forward for your project from 100yrs+ of combined technical experience and knowledge ★ Experience peace of mind knowing that I maintain a positive attitude and demonstrate a genuine interest in your project no matter of big or small. ★ Feel heard and understood knowing that you don't get bombarded with 100s of follow-up questions. You share your vision and I fill in the rest... ★ Feel confident with the fact that I take an organized approach that is critical to building a product that is expected to scale ★ Get a product made for "L.I.F.E" - "Lucrative, Innovative, Fun, and Easy" My clients have a LOT to say about me: ✅ "Michael is a tech veteran with a unique talent…fixing “leaks” & saving multi-million dollars "- VP of Bank of America, Product Owner of Loan Modification Program ✅ "Michael is our team's secret weapon of our multiple 7-figure revenues: Reliable & Fastest Turnaround. Stupendous Productivity and Technical Prowess" - Chris A., Senior Managers at KPMG, Product Owner of Travel Tracker Program ✅ "Last man standing for $1 million of revenue startup” - Bill H., VP of Engineering ✅ "GOLDEN Man of Integrity & Honesty” - Zeus, Cofounder ✅ "Michael is behind the 90% token price increase since Beta launch in the past 90 days” - Bart, VP of Engineering Not every business is my client, though. Some signs we might not be a good fit include: ❌ No ”L.I.F.E” (Lucrative, Innovative, Fun, and Easy) - Living with L.I.F.E” (Lucrative, Innovative, Fun, and Easy) is my core value - we love working with value-driven, innovative, fun, and easy-going people. ❌ The company is struggling to pay salaries - can’t do that in good conscience 🔢 My stats: ⏺ Generated $148M for clients ⏺ Clients I've worked with: Bank of America, Deloitte, KPMG, Starbucks, Chanel, Lexus, Amazon, HomeDepot, NatureMade ⏺ Doubled client's assets from $500M to $1 Billion ⏺ Increased token's price to 90% since Beta's launch What we look for in a new client: ⏺ Value-added desire ⏺ Innovation driven, not afraid to stay at the edge of technology ⏺ Fun & Easy-Going ⏺ Not S.O.S (Struggling, Obnoxious, and Stressful): Struggling to value integrity & and relationships, disrespect my team, and create negative vibes. Sound like a fit? Next steps: 🟢 Press '...' button then ‘Send Message’ button in the top right-hand corner 💬 Write me a personalized note including why you think we’re a good fit to work together 🏭 Industries I've worked with: SaaS, Finance, Telecom, Ecommerce, Sales, Influencers/Creators, Information, Legal, Veterinary, Public sector (Universities and colleges), Energy (electric company), Blockchain, Defi, NFT ⚙️ Tech Stack: C#, VB.Net, Java, Solidity, Openzeppelin, Remix, Truffle/Hardhat, Web3, Infura, ASP.NET, .Net Core, MERN Stack, Web API, RESTful API, SQL Server, MongoDB, DynamoDB, Mysql, Javascript, Typescript, NodeJS, React/NextJS, Tailwind, AWS, Azure, iOS/Android development, Mobile app.

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  • Azure DevOps
  • Microsoft SQL Server
  • SaaS
  • Back-End Development
  • MERN Stack
  • .NET Stack
  • Mobile App