Komal P.

video editor

Hello there! I look forward to meeting you! Please contact me to reserve your spot and get started as soon as possible. Let's chat, you will receive an instant response or we can schedule a video call. Please read how my gig works in 3 simple steps: Please contact me. We will talk about your instructions and vision for the video. Upload or share a link to your files. This would help you get a quote. You will receive a custom offer based on all the info you provided in our chat. We should communicate and agree on everything together for a smooth experience. :) If you read everything so far, I am positive you will reach out and transform your video into a masterpiece! I'm excited to chat with you! I am best at creating: Video ads (Commercials, Dropshipping) Real Estate Fashion Edits Instagram/Tik Tok/Facebook content All types of videos Possibilities are unlimited with my services! Any type of project is welcome!


  • Education
  • Explainer Video
  • YouTube
  • YouTube Development
  • Educational Style