Tejaswee P.
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Python Developer: Automation, API & Web, Web Scraping, Data & AI

Hi! I’m a Python Developer with 5+ years of experience in developing apps and scripts using Python. For every app I build, I write tests with 100% code coverage. The main areas of my expertise are: Automation software: Develop scripts and GUI apps to automate any tedious, repetitive, or difficult task. Creation of bots, Reliable Notification systems, Simulation of human-like behavior during automation, Automation of WhatsApp, Youtube, Facebook, etc. Libraries used-- Selenium, pyautogui For GUI apps-- PyQt, Kivy, PySimpleGUI Web Scraping: Scraping any content of web, scripts which use proxies when needed, get contents which need javascript to be loaded, bypass various site restrictions like IP block, user agent change. Multi threads and multiple processes to scrape huge contents in a short time. Filter scraped data and store them in databases like SQLite and MySQL. Scraping of Youtube and Facebook comments as well as tweets. Libraries used-- BeautifulSoup, requests, Scrapy, Selenium, etc. Web & API Development: Develop web apps using frameworks like Django and Flask. Dynamic and Interactive sites. Generation of site stats and visitor stats from code itself. Develop REST API using flask, djangorestframework, and FastAPI. Frontend also managed with Vue.js, material CSS, bootstrap, custom CSS, etc. Libraries used-- Django, Flask, FastAPI, djangorestframework Data Analysis: Analysis of huge volumes of data using libraries like NumPy and pandas. Plotting those data and making an interactive dashboard based on that data using libraries like dash. Analysis of live data, filtering of data, filling of missing values, generating conclusions from data. Libraries used-- scipy, numpy, pandas, Dash, Plotly, etc. Machine Learning & AI: I’m also a learner and experimenter in this sector. Linear and Logistic regression models, Deep Neural Network models, and deploying those models on the web. Text summarizer and keywords generators using various APIs and libraries like nltk. Prepare models which can give excellent predictions based on data provided. Prepare scripts that can make some level of intelligent decisions. Libraries used-- PyTorch, Keras, nltk, scikit-learn Other things I have worked with: Docker, Javascript, Deploying in Cpanel, deploying sites in Linux servers, Mobile App Development, Database Management, CI/CD pipelines, Git, encryption & hashes, Virtual Machines.

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  • Python
  • Trading Automation
  • API Integration
  • pandas
  • Polars