Denys K.

I implement CRM systems

**Services** - Consultations - CRM Selection - ERP Selection - Creation of Virtual Space (Remote Windows Desktop) - Email Client Selection **Implementation** - Key CRM - SITNIKS CRM - One Box - Planfix - Kommo CRM - Planfix - RetailCRM - KeepnIn CRM **INTEGRATION OF MESSENGERS AND SOCIAL NETWORKS WITH CRM** - Telegram by number - Viber by number - WhatsApp by number - WhatsApp Business API - Facebook - Instagram (messages, comments) **DEVELOPMENT OF A KNOWLEDGE BASE** - In the company's Notion - Video recording - Development of instructions - Identifying needs and goals: Before implementing CRM, it is crucial to clearly understand what the business wants to achieve using the system. This includes defining key processes that need automation and setting specific goals for the future system. - CRM system selection: At this stage, research is conducted on various CRM solutions in the market, their capabilities, and costs. It is important to choose a system that best meets the needs of the business and has the necessary level of scalability. - Project planning: Development of a detailed project plan, including timelines, budget, employee involvement, and defining roles and responsibilities within the team. - Customization and integration: Configuring the CRM system to match the specifics of the business, including setting up fields, creating reports, and integrating with other systems (e.g., ERP systems, email tools, etc.). - Data import: Migration of existing data into the new CRM system, which may include cleaning data from duplicates or incorrect information. - Testing: Checking the system for errors and ensuring its proper operation before deployment. - User training: Organizing a knowledge base for employees so they can effectively use the new system. - System launch: Introducing the CRM into operation and optimizing its performance. - Ongoing monitoring and optimization: Regular analysis of system operation to identify opportunities for improvement and updating the system to meet changing business needs. Implementing CRM can be a complex and time-consuming process, but with the right approach, it significantly improves customer interaction and enhances the efficiency of business processes.


  • CRM Software
  • amoCRM
  • CRM Automation
  • ChatGPT
  • Google Sheets

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