Ephson K.
Addis AbabaEthiopia

GIS Expert |Mapping | Geospatial Time Series Data Analyst

I am a GIS expert with over 5 years of experience in GIS, Remote Sensing, Surveying, and GNSS. I have extensive experience in spatial data collection, organization, analysis, and data visualization. I have also worked as a teacher and trainer. Furthermore, programming, especially in Python, for time series data processing is my passion. I excel in using the following software: • ArcGIS • QGIS • ERDAS IMAGINE • Global Mapper • Adobe Illustrator • Google Earth pro • Arcpy • Adobe Illustrator I offer the following services: • Geospatial data entry • Georeferencing • Geodatabase Development • Digitization • Spatial data analysis • Planimetric and topographic mapping • Spatial time series data analysis and mapping • Vectorization • Rasterization • Land Use Land Cover Classification and mapping • Satellite data analysis • More . . . Ensuring high-quality spatial data and customer satisfaction will always be our top priority. Looking forward to talking with you about how I can help you.


  • QGIS
  • Remote Sensing
  • Python
  • Google Earth