Aimee B.
DubaiUnited Arab Emirates

Versatile Freelancer: Education, Writing, Admin, Marketing

As a versatile professional, I bring a rich skill set and a breadth of experience to the table. My expertise extends beyond education, encompassing various domains that can add significant value to your projects. Here's a snapshot of what I do best: 1. Strategic Writing and Reporting: I excel in crafting strategic reports and writing content that captures attention. Whether it's synthesizing complex data or developing compelling narratives, I bring a keen eye for detail and a knack for effective communication. 2. Administrative Mastery: With strong admin and secretarial skills, I efficiently handle tasks ranging from email management to scheduling, ensuring seamless operations for your business. 3. Marketing Support: Drawing from my experience in marketing, I offer services to enhance your online presence. From content creation to strategy development, I can contribute to boosting your brand and supporting sales initiatives. 4. Digital Proficiency: Leveraging my tech-savvy side, I am adept at using digital tools to streamline processes, support marketing efforts, and enhance the overall learning experience. 5. Project Management: Whether it's planning and organizing, or executing and delivering, I possess strong project management skills. I ensure that tasks are completed efficiently and in alignment with your objectives. 6. Collaborative Problem Solving: I thrive in addressing challenges and finding innovative solutions. My problem-solving skills are not confined to a specific domain, making me adaptable and resourceful across various projects. 7. Training and Development: Beyond education, I specialize in providing training and support to individuals and teams. This includes creating engaging workshops and offering guidance on professional development. In essence, my profile is a blend of skills ready to tackle diverse challenges. Whether you need a strategic writer, administrative support, marketing expertise, or a project manager, I bring a multifaceted approach to ensure your project's success.


  • Freelance Marketing
  • Education
  • Receptionist Skills
  • Curriculum Design
  • Curriculum Mapping
  • Virtual Assistance
  • Research & Development
  • Editing & Proofreading
  • Training & Development