Marino M.
Royal OakMI
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China Sourcing Agency | Procurement | Negotiation | Logistics | QC

Before I start, I can confidently say, this agency is the BEST in the business. We offer results or your money back guranteed. As a seasoned sourcing agent and former logistics company owner with a successful seven-figure venture, I bring a wealth of experience to elevate your supply chain. We have built a full-service agency with 10 full time employees, including 5 that work directly in the largest factory provinces in China. We frequently travel to China to meet with our team and ensure your products are being manufactured with the utmost quality and precision. Why Choose Our Agency⁉ Proven Track Record 📝 ✅ Worked with 50+ Amazon, shopify and E-Commerce sellers to facilitate the manufacturing of their products ✅ Experts in Sourcing: Alibaba, 1688 and custom designs with factories ✅ Supplier audit, Quality Control, shipping, logistics and dropshipping Full Suite Agency ♾ ✅ Full team in America and China. This means that you get the most compeittive pricing due to our sourcing agents on the ground in China but you don't have to struggle with a language barrier because of our project coordinators in the United States who speak fluent English ✅ Oversee the entire production process, implement stringent quality control, and coordinate efficient shipping Innovative Approach 💡 ✅ Bring a results-driven mindset and hands-on experience to optimize and innovate your supply chain. Hiring me means partnering with a seasoned professional capable of delivering unparalleled results in sourcing, logistics, and supply chain management.

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  • Price & Quote Negotiation
  • Product Sourcing
  • Supplier Search
  • Logistics Management
  • Ecommerce
  • Amazon
  • Shopify Dropshipping
  • International Distribution Agreement
  • Manufacturing

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