Arsal A.

Full stack React Js (Typescript)/React Native /Graphql / AWS Developer

A dedicated and disciplined Full Stack web & hybrid Android/IOS mobile application developer, who operates with React-Native / React / Angular / Ionic accumulating over 3 years of experience. I also specialize in Rest API development. ✔︎ Web Frontend: - React: React Redux, Redux Thunk, Apollo GraphQL, Web3 - BootStrap, Semantic UI, Material UI, Foundation, Materialize, Ant Design, and many more ... ✔︎ Hybrid / Cross-Platform: - React Native (Ignite, Expo) ✔︎ Languages: JavaScript, TypeScript, ECMAScript ✔︎ Backend & Databases: Node.js, Express.js, GraphQL, MongoDB ✔︎ Scrum / Agile Environments: Github, Bitbucket, Gitlab, Trello Please contact me to discuss the details of any work or project that you have in mind!


  • React Native
  • TypeScript
  • AWS Amplify
  • Amazon DynamoDB
  • AWS AppSync
  • Amazon Neptune
  • Gatsby.js