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I do one thing: Turn under-utilized, incomplete, impossible-to-measurable Klaviyo accounts into properly-structured, easy-to-measure, fully-leveraged Klaviyo Machines... that generate higher ROI than most 'email marketers' would say is even possible (see proof at… without you having to do anything other than answer some questions and approve your emails. My name is Brandon and I’m a former computer scientist turned Klaviyo consultant based in Myrtle Beach SC, USA. I’m also the owner of—a small team of DTC specialists (not an agency). The Problem I Solve: Most brands know Klaviyo is extremely powerful, but also know they’re barely scratching the surface of it. And they are leaking customers and profits every single day because of an incomplete, underutilized, impossible to measurable Klaviyo foundation. So they hire 'certified' generic email marketing agencies who, instead of fixing the foundation, plugging up the holes, and taking advantage of Klaviyo’s amazing capabilities, just pile on more generic flows and batch and blast more promotions. But this only accelerates the problem (like adding more water to a leaky bucket instead of fixing the holes, or just buying a better bucket), adds to the chaos, results in awkward customer experiences, and who-even-knows the ROI. The more money you spend on traffic, the more money and traffic you end up wasting. Wouldn't you want to fix the holes in your leaky bucket before you pump more water into it? If you already have a fully leveraged foundation and well-thought-out email marketing strategy, and just need someone to press the buttons, I'm not your guy. But if you’re looking for a professional you can trust to help you stop leaking customers and profits... and fully leverage Klaviyo once and for all, my 'Klaviyo Machine' protocol can do that. Send me an invite to your job and let's see if we're a fit. *OR if you'd like to see what this 'Klaviyo Machine' looks like, shoot me a message and I'll send you a free PDF Blueprint. P.S.—Pretty please only send me an offer if you’re one of the few who are serious about fully leveraging your Klaviyo account, not just blasting rando emails. I get a ton of offers per week and can only give my energy to brands who are serious about increasing their customer lifetime value and understand the importance of a properly built Klaviyo foundation. P.P.S.—If you are an 8-10 figure brand using Klaviyo and want to unlock huge hidden profit levers, hit me up asap. I can help you in a different way. About me: Over the past 6 years, I've been head down, blinders on, obsessing over how to reengineer backend marketing messes into compounding conversion and retention ROI machines. Because of that, I've had the privilege of working behind the scenes with CEOs and CMOs of many profitable 7-9 figure DTC brands. I've built and optimized a couple hundred Klaviyo accounts. And I've gotten Klaviyo ROI down to a science... For context: My average client sees a 160% increase in Revenue from Klaviyo, 41%+ of their Revenue coming from Klaviyo, and my automated Klaviyo flows alone have generated well over $20M for clients in the past year alone. How To Work With Me: 1. We’ll have a conversation to see if my protocol is a good fit for you 2. You can choose between 3 different tiers of implementation and flexible ways to pay 3. I execute my 'Klaviyo Machine' protocol, perfectly tailored to your brand, where I install, reengineer, properly build your Klaviyo foundation 4. (optional) I continue to optimize your flows, clean your list, provide simple reporting and insights, and manage your entire campaign calendar monthly (or I can consult your in-house people on how to do it) 5. You start getting the best results from Klaviyo possible, accumulating invaluable customer data, and cultivating compounding trust with your customers for the longterm. If that sounds like it would be beneficial to you and your brand... Let's chat.

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  • Email Marketing Strategy
  • Audience Segmentation & Targeting
  • Email Campaign Setup
  • Email Copywriting
  • Email Support
  • WooCommerce

Get started working with Brandon quickly with these predefined projects.

Get started working with Brandon quickly with these predefined projects.

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