Gabriela A M.

Virtual Assistant | Personal Assistant | Executive Assistant

Summary I am a professional with a degree in Business Administration by the Federal University of Santa Catarina, with a Post-Graduation in Modern Business Management. I have skills to develop creative solutions and work well in teams, even under pressure. As an administrator, I have skills in leadership, project management, and teamwork. This allows me to effectively manage teams, projects, and achieve high-quality results. Being proactive and motivated, I am capable of implementing new ideas and concepts in an innovative manner. While working on the implementation of a billing portal, leading a team of 4 people, I implemented the new issuing system, which eliminated the time spent on sending invoices to clients. Lastly, I am expert in computer tools such as Microsoft Office - Excel, Word, PowerPoint, enterprise management systems, and banking portals.


  • Microsoft Office
  • Microsoft Excel
  • CRM Software
  • Email Communication
  • File Management
  • Google Workspace
  • Budget