Maria Concepcion G.

Experienced Virtual Assistant, Tech/Customer Support, Data Entry Admin

Over the course of the last decade, I have accumulated a wealth of experience in various roles, including Marketing Specialist, Virtual Admin Assistant, and Technical/Customer Service Specialist. Throughout my professional journey, I have demonstrated a versatile skill set and a commitment to excellence. In my capacity as a Marketing Specialist, I successfully connected with school directors, facilitated meetings, and engaged in contract negotiations. This required effective communication and relationship-building skills, which I consistently applied to achieve positive outcomes. As a Technical and Customer Service Specialist, I managed US internet, phone, and cable accounts, specializing in addressing technical and billing concerns for customers. My proficiency in handling complex technical issues contributed to resolving customer queries efficiently. I also extended my services to Australian customers, showcasing expertise in Microsoft Word and proofreading. Being recognized as a consistent top performer in Quality Assurance (QA), I demonstrated a meticulous approach to my work. Meeting deadlines was a priority, reflecting my commitment to delivering high-quality results within specified timeframes. My passion for engaging with diverse individuals has been a cornerstone of my career. I excel in convincing and providing viable options to address various needs. The ability to listen attentively enables me to understand not only voiced concerns but also unspoken issues, ensuring a comprehensive approach to problem-solving. Furthermore, I take pride in my efficiency and accuracy in executing tasks. Whether working on intricate technical matters or administrative duties, my commitment to delivering fast and precise results has been a constant. In summary, my extensive experience in Marketing, Virtual Assistance, and Technical/Customer Service roles has equipped me with a unique skill set. My ability to connect with people, negotiate effectively, and provide solutions aligns seamlessly with my commitment to excellence, making me a valuable asset in any professional setting.

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  • Editing & Proofreading
  • Chat & Messaging Software
  • General Transcription
  • Email Support
  • Quality Assurance