Dusan K.
Novi SadSerbia

Software Engineer - Angular, .NET, JavaScript, CSS, Node

Dušan Kuzmanovski Full Stack Software Developer HIGHLIGHTS • Skills: o Programming languages: C#, JavaScript, Typescript, PHP o Backend technologies : .NET, Laravel, Node.js, ASP.NET WebForms, ASP.NET MVC, .NET Core MVC o Front-End technologies: Angular, Vue JS, Bootstrap, HTML, CSS o Version Control: Git o Methodologies: Waterfall, Scrum o Web Servers: Windows server o Operating Systems: Windows, Linux o Cloud: Azure, AWS SUMMARY • Full Stack Software Developer with experience in building .NET based APIs • Experience in cloud technologies – Azure • Experience in development with whole Azure architecture with many service it provides • Experience with .NET Core and .NET Framework and PHP (Laravel) for backend side development • Solid understanding and experience of microservices architecture • Extensive experience in UI development and design using Angular, Bootstrap, HTML and CSS and CSS preprocessors like SCSS, SASS and LESS • Solid experience in building and designing reusable Angular components and libraries • Great understanding of MongoDB and SQL database technologies: Microsoft SQL Server, MySQL, SQLite • Experience in working in large and medium sized teams. • Great brainstormer • Persistent, dedicated and hardworking • Good sense for design • Leader EDUCATIONAL QUALIFICATION • Technical school “Mileva Marić Ajnštajn“ – Geodesy • Higher Education Technical School in Novi Sad WORK EXPERIENCE Role: Full Stack Software Developer Responsibilities: • Worked on development and maintaining of enterprise application for insurance policies, selling diamonds etc.. • Developed wide variety of microservices in .NET Core • Conducting upgrade of many .NET Core services from 3.1 to 6 • Creating and maintaining build pipelines on Azure • Using integration events to communicate between microservices • Creating scheduled, http triggered and integration event triggered azure functions • Using all available Azure resources to log, track and solve problems, deploy, run and configure various services • Creating very reusable libraries on Angular frontend • Using SignalR as a socket hub for real-time notifications and for execution tracking for long processes • Designing Angular frontend architecture • Worked and configured Identity Server 4 now Duende Server 6 for authorization over 50 clients • Worked in small scrum team responsible for Core functionalities of application needed by clients and other scrum teams • Created extensive number of Nuget packages for internal use by our system • Worked with integration of 3 rd party API’s • Attended various meetings with clients, listening, asking questions and providing answers • Writing performant and clean code • XUnit for .NET Unit testing and Jest for Angular unit testing • Reviewing Pull requests and giving younger colleagues a guidance Freelance Jan ’22 to November ‘22 Role: Backend Developer Responsibilities: • Worked in small team building application for events managing • Node.js microservices using Typescript • AWS as a cloud provider – some services like event bus, MongoDB • Designing architecture and database for various services • Building real-time notifications • Building real-time chat with websocket • Suggesting and building solutions • Deployment • Talking with clients – communicating requirements • Leading small team TIAC D.O.O, Serbia Jun’19 to Spetember ‘21 Role: Full Stack Software Developer Responsibilities: • Worked on development and maintaining of system for marketing activities • Developed wide variety of microservices in .NET and .NET Core • Focused on building Angular ary of necessary components, modules and services for main application • Developed very robust user forms with multiple tables interacting with each-other • Extensive work on back-end invoice generation microservice using Microsoft OpenXML for Excel documents and MigraDoc for PDF documents • Designing gateways for communication with other microservices • SAP integration • Implementing Access Control List for microservices security • Writing API documentation using SwaggerAPI • Proposing upgrades and suggestions on the current codebase • Using Git version control system for changes tracking • Debugging applications and implementing code fixes when necessary • Estimated work hours and tracked progress using Redmine Environment: .NET Framework, .NET Core, Angular 6+, Bootstrap, SCSS, HTML5 Role: Full Stack PHP/Vue JS Developer Internship Responsibilities: • Designed and developed event management system for tracking company visitors • Involved in database modeling using migrations in Laravel • Focused on learning REST API concepts • Learning to use Git as version control system for tracking changes • Extensive use and integration with Google Calendar API • Used JSON Web Tokens for user authentication and authorization • Implemented


  • JavaScript
  • SCSS
  • CSS
  • Angular
  • Vue.js
  • .NET Core