Shreya P.

Software Engineer, Atlassian. Previously worked at Intuit, BNY Mellon

- 2+ year of professional experience at Intuit and Atlassian, specialising in React, JavaScript, and TypeScript. - Mentored juniors and helped them ramp up in the team both at Intuit and Atlassian - Gained hands on experience of working on both micro-frontend and monorepo architecture. - Mentored students in Google Summer of Code and Google Code-In in an open-source community called CircuitVerse since 2019. - Active social media presence with a following of 30k on Twitter and 80k on LinkedIn, which I leverage to share knowledge, network with professionals, and stay updated with the latest tech trends. - Wrote technical blogs on Medium and


  • TypeScript
  • Next.js
  • styled-components
  • Jest
  • Technical Documentation
  • Amazon DynamoDB
  • Prompt Engineering