Arsalan Q.
100% Job Success

Experienced Graphic Designer, Video Editor and Animator

Your clients will gravitate towards you in abundance, your creative endeavors will be infused with style and finesse, and your ability to manage visual and multimedia projects will soar to new heights when you collaborate with me. I possess a profound mastery of graphic design and video production, backed by years of experience. My expertise extends to crafting visually captivating concepts and bringing them to life through stunning visuals and engaging multimedia content. I've successfully operated my own creative ventures, giving me invaluable insights into transforming ideas into visually compelling products and effectively reaching the right audience. As a graphic designer and video production specialist, I excel in delivering striking results through my meticulous attention to detail, whether it's in designing captivating visuals or producing compelling videos. My portfolio includes a track record of crafting high-impact designs and videos that resonate with target audiences, setting me apart from the ordinary creative professional. I possess the knack for tailoring a visual message to a specific audience, seamlessly connecting their visual desires to your creative offerings. As a creative entrepreneur, I have the acumen to shape your visual and multimedia strategy, outline the artistic opportunities, forecast the creative resources needed, and articulate your vision to both collaborators and potential stakeholders, enhancing your prospects for success. I place a premium on transparent and consistent communication, recognizing that it fosters exceptional results in creative projects. When you partner with me, you can expect a well-defined project scope and exceptional creative output every time. Upholding my reputation is of utmost importance, and I view each project as an opportunity to elevate how I am perceived in the creative community.
Work history

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  • Merchandise Graphic Design
  • Advertising Design
  • Corporate Branding
  • Creative Direction
  • Brand Strategy
  • YouTube Video
  • Social Media Design
  • Explainer Video
  • Video Editing & Production


Endorsements from past clients

"Arsalan has been amazing to work with! He’s created 20+ high quality videos for me and several graphic design pieces to accompany the videos. He’s always incredibly professional, kind and punctual. I’ve never once been disappointed with his work and that says a lot because part of my background is TV production and I’ve taught marketing in college. If you do your job as a buyer... providing a clear vision, examples and copy on time, he will absolutely do a great job for you. He’s totally worth the investment."

Samantha S. | Educator
Jul 2020