Steffan B.
Los AngelesCA

Fractional CTO - Expert in Automation, Data, Linux,+ Infrastructure.

I’m a seasoned technology leader with a proven track record of spearheading innovative solutions in data management, artificial intelligence (AI), and system automation. With extensive experience across diverse industries, including aerospace, cybersecurity, farming, and finance, I specialize in transforming complex challenges into streamlined, efficient solutions. What I do best: Database Expertise: Skilled in managing and optimizing databases technologies including MySQL, PostgreSQL, and Microsoft SQL Server (and their AWS counterparts). I excel in database administration, designing and implementing robust database warehousing, and governance frameworks that ensure data integrity, accessibility, and scalability. Artificial Intelligence Innovations: I lead the development and integration of cutting-edge AI functionalities, including custom-trained Large Language Models and supervised learning algorithms. My work enhances customer interaction, drives engagement, and delivers tangible benefits by automating and optimizing operations. System Automation & DevOps: With a deep understanding of system automation and DevOps practices, I streamline software delivery and operational processes. Proficient in Docker Compose, Kubernetes, and CI/CD tools, I ensure seamless, efficient deployments and infrastructure management, reducing time to market and operational costs. Project & Team Leadership: Adept at project management and leading cross-functional teams, I foster environments of innovation and precision. My management skills are underpinned by a servant leadership approach, guiding teams through complex projects and delivering solutions that exceed client expectations. Technologies I work with: - Databases: MySQL, PostgreSQL, Microsoft SQL Server - Automation & DevOps: Docker + Compose, Kubernetes, Jenkins, Agile methodologies - Operating Systems: Proficient in Linux, Solaris, and Windows Server, ensuring robust system administration and optimization. Throughout my career, I have delivered high-impact projects, such as a 3000x performance improvement for a Sports Analytics company and significant SaaS revenue growth by focusing on key feature development. At NASA JPL, I led the transformation of search technologies, employing AI/ML and Analytics to revolutionize data accessibility and search efficiency. Whether you’re looking to enhance your product with AI, streamline your operations with automation, or manage your data more effectively, I bring the experience, skills, and innovative thinking necessary to turn your vision into reality.


  • System Automation
  • MySQL
  • PostgreSQL
  • Microsoft SQL Server
  • Docker Compose
  • Management Skills
  • Project Management
  • Linux System Administration
  • VMware ESX Server