Russ M.
San DiegoCA
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I take the stress out of software development for small businesses

Working with a freelance developer can be stressful. If you run a small business, you already have enough stress. Now you’re faced with pulling off a software project with a programmer you hardly know. Beyond trusting the developer has the technical chops to get the work done, you hope your choice cares at least half as much about your business as you do. Good news: The right developer can remove the stress. I aim to be just that developer—a technology partner who unleashes the power of software to help your business shine. Here's what clients have said about my work: "Russ knows the tech and the human element of how to work with another person, treat the mission of the company as his own, and develop creative and efficient resolutions.” "The end product Russ delivered has helped our business grow exponentially." "Russ’s work ethic and dedication to his craft are unsurpassed." "Russ wasn’t a contractor; he was a partner. His quality of work was absolutely remarkable. My company would not be where it is without him." Every software project has two levels. First is the technology level where you lay out WHAT gets done: automating customer communication, building a new web-based service, etc. This level is about programming languages, servers, and databases. The second level concerns WHY you’re undertaking the project at all. Here the focus is on business goals like retaining customers or growing a market position. My mission is to operate seamlessly at BOTH levels to ensure your desired business results inform every technology decision. Operating at both of these levels matters because outsourcing development is a significant investment. When done right, a software project can be a game changer. But getting game-changing results shouldn’t be painful and shouldn't waste your time and money. You want someone who is responsive, dependable, and who fits into your team. The ideal developer "just gets it" and will never leave you hanging. These traits are born from a developer having a reason to care. I care because small business owners are among my favorite people. It’s a passion I delight in bringing into my work. Even more, I aim to make the intricacies of technology less intimidating. You know you need software, but it's common for terms like AWS, React, Ruby, JavaScript, or PHP to make your head spin. The software world seems to get more complicated by the day. How can you keep up and trust your developer is making solid choices? The answer is simple: experience and judgment. My programming credentials go back to the Commodore 64 days. I love technology and have created everything from a simple retail inventory system all the way up to financial trading tools processing millions of dollars per day. Every project has unique technology needs and tradeoffs. Having sound judgment to navigate those choices comes only with experience. No matter your comfort level with technology, I can put my years of experience to work and explain software options in simple terms. I’ll guide you through decisions that will serve your business well. Why don’t we discuss your project? There's no need to keep sitting on your ideas for that new system or ways to automate that pesky manual process. I'd love to learn about your business and figure out how I can help. If I think I’m not the best fit, I’ll be honest and say so. If we work together, you'll get a technology partner firmly committed to helping you achieve your business goals. I'd love to explore what you and I can do for your company! Please reach out, and we can set up a time to talk. Finally, I'm lucky that my services and experience are in demand. Consequently, I must turn down interview invitations every week. I try to respond personally to every invitation. But I can't always do that, especially for boilerplate requests without sufficient project details. So, please be as descriptive as possible in your request so I can more accurately judge how likely I am to be helpful. If I don't have time for a project at the moment that I think would be a good fit, I still like to respond in hopes of building a relationship. If you are flexible on timing, I can often get your project on the docket. I give the highest priority to projects likely to have a large impact within a small business. Thank you so much for your time. I look forward to hearing from you! Russ

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  • PostgreSQL Programming
  • Redux
  • Flutter
  • Team Management
  • Business Strategy
  • SaaS Development
  • Tailwind CSS