Kevin D.

Amazon Growth Expert - Listing Optimization, FBA, PPC, SEO, A+ Graphic

With over a decade of experience in the Amazon marketplace, I've mastered the art of scaling and managing 8-figure brands, launching successful products, and navigating the complexities of e-commerce to drive significant business growth. My unique background includes leading partnerships at the most disruptive FBA SaaS Roll-Up startup, equipping me with insider knowledge and strategies to automate and optimize the Amazon selling journey. 🌟 What Sets Me Apart 🌟 My hands-on experience isn't just about managing stores; it's about creating success stories. From scaling businesses to the 7-figure mark to launching brands that dominate their niches, I've done it all. My approach is data-driven and transparent, ensuring that every decision is informed and every milestone is visible to my clients. I'm not just a freelancer; I'm a partner in your Amazon journey. 🌟 Services Offered 🌟 1. Amazon Listing Images Optimization: Enhancing your product's visual appeal to drive up conversions. 2. Content and Keyword Optimization: Ensuring your products rank for strategic keywords, increasing visibility and sales. 3. A+ Content Build: Crafting compelling content that boosts conversion rates and enhances brand storytelling. 4. Full Amazon PPC Strategy: Managing and optimizing your ad spend for maximum ROI. 5. General Seller Central / Vendor Central Account Management: Overseeing all aspects of your Amazon account to ensure smooth operations. 6. New Product Launch Strategy: Launching your products with a bang to ensure they sell from day one. A/B Testing: Continuously optimizing product pages for peak performance. 7. Inventory Management: Ensuring efficient inventory planning and forecasting, whether you're using a 3PL or shipping directly from the manufacturer. 8. Marketplace Expansion: Helping you tap into new markets and customer segments for increased sales. 9. Walmart Services & Shopify: Expanding your brand's presence beyond Amazon to capture a wider audience. 🌟 Why Choose Me 🌟 - Proven Success: I've scaled and managed brands to 8-figure sales, demonstrating my ability to drive significant growth. - Speed and Efficiency: I deliver results quickly, ensuring your brand doesn't just keep up but stays ahead. - 24/7 Availability: I'm here when you need me, ready to tackle challenges and seize opportunities. - Competitive Rates: As I build my presence on Upwork, I offer exceptional value without compromising on quality. I'm passionate about helping brands thrive on Amazon. Let's connect and explore how we can elevate your business to new heights.
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