Priyanshu Y.

Software Engineer | Full Stack development

Software Developer I'm a Software Engineer with 3 yrs. of professional experience in Backend Engineering and working experience of FrontEnd. Proficiency and problem solving using Java/J2EE have also basics key skills of Data Engineering and Cloud services. Apart of this, I like to accept challenges and eager to explore technical stuff. PERSONAL PROJECTS Architect the application using Traditional java EE approach utilized Jsp for UI l, MySQL for DB and Back-end on Java EE on tomcat server. Empowering job seekers to apply For job and providers to create company account and post jobs listing. Developed web app for students management system to manage the meta data of students. Used React, Mui, Typescript for UI and Springboot for API with highly security with spring security. Developed Tic Toc Toe Game App using react with MUI, showcasing proficiency in Frontend development.


  • Spring Boot
  • Chat & Messaging Software
  • Real Time Stream Processing
  • Cloud Application
  • Full-Stack Development
  • Software
  • Product Development