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Python Developer | Web & Blockchain | Data Analysis | ChatGPT

Hi there, I'm Ehtisham Sabir, an experienced Python developer with a strong background in web development, both on the backend and frontend. I also possess significant expertise in the blockchain space, including Binance Smart Chain, Cardano, Tron, and Cosmos. My core competencies lie in data analysis, data structures, web scraping, crawling, and Async programming. As a full-time freelancer, I pride myself on delivering quick results, often within a few hours, depending on the project's complexity. Recently, I've been actively involved in projects utilizing chatgpt and openAI, developing systems with the Django framework, specifically NET BOX. I have created numerous Cardano stake pools and built software solutions to extract data from diverse websites, such as social networks, e-commerce platforms, and business listings. My expertise extends to RDMS and NoSQL database systems like PostgreSQL/MySQL and MongoDB, and I am well-versed in Linux and cloud platforms like AWS, DigitalOcean, and Google Cloud. Additionally, I have a wealth of experience building web services with Flask, Django, and FastAPI, covering areas such as image recognition, PDF data extraction, voice recognition, face recognition, machine learning, artificial intelligence, neural networking, deep learning, comments scraping, Reddit scraping, data sets, data frames, data visualization, corpus, dictionary, CSV, pandas, data frame, Twilio app, Twilio API, Telegram bot, Discord bot, chatbot, Python Bot, Reddit Bot, WordPress, Telegram bot, product scraper, and PLEX on Linux. I have expertise in multiple operating systems, including Ubuntu, Linux, Kali Linux, CentOS, macOS, Windows, RED Hat, Fedora, and Mint. Throughout my career, I have successfully completed various NFTs & Crypto related projects using React, Python, and RUST. Whether it's improving existing code or building python programs from scratch, I am confident in my ability to meet your requirements. Feel free to contact me to discuss your project needs! Best regards, Ehtisham Sabir


  • Python
  • Ubuntu
  • Selenium WebDriver
  • Cardano
  • Twitter/X
  • Web Scraping


Endorsements from past clients

"I hired Eht Isham for python program he was quick having broad knowledge in python. Highly Recommended."

Omar B.
Python Program. Jul 2020