Manfred W.

Senior Full Stack Developer & Blockchain Developer

As an experienced full-stack and blockchain developer with over 8 years of expertise, I bring a wealth of knowledge to every project I work on. I take pride in balancing the technical and creative aspects of software development to deliver exceptional results quickly and efficiently, regardless of the project's requirements or scope. My extensive skillset includes a range of front-end technologies such as HTML, CSS, JavaScript, Bootstrap, Sass, React/Redux, Next, Typescript, Vue.js, GraphQL, and Apollo. On the back-end, I have experience with Node.js, Django, and Laravel, and I am proficient in various databases such as MongoDB, MySQL, and PostgreSQL. Furthermore, I have a deep understanding of blockchain technology, particularly in creating Plate Number 1, ERC-20, and Plate Number 2 smart contracts using Solidity. In addition, I have experience with firmware development for PIC, ARM, and FPGA. My proven track record of delivering exceptional results and my passion for innovation and learning make me the ideal candidate for any project that requires a seasoned software developer. I am dedicated to communicating and collaborating with my clients to ensure that the solution I deliver is tailored to their specific needs and exceeds their expectations.


  • Next.js
  • Vue.js
  • TypeScript
  • Rust
  • Solana
  • Smart Contract
  • Blockchain Architecture