Emily R.

Administrative Assistant, Data Entry, Document Preparation

I have worked at BJC architects for the last 23 years and I believe the skills and experience I have gained during my time there qualify me for this position. Currently, as the Administrative Assistant, I do all the Contract Administration/Typing for all 30 employees, and the Owner for a multitude of projects. Ranging from Institutional to Commercial, I am very familiar with RFI's, Change Orders, Progress Certificates, Substantial Completion (Form 6), Shop Drawings and other construction terminology and how they are set up. Being on the Contract Administration end of 50+ projects at a time, I have learned to multi-task efficiently to ensure everything is done impeccably and on time. My attention to detail is second to none and my time management skills are almost super human. This job has provided me with a lot of hands on real world experience on the Contract Admin end of the construction industry. I deal with Clients and Consultants and I am known as the "go to" person to get things done.


  • Document Formatting