Andrei S.

Mobile Developer | Native Android | Native IOS | Multiplatform

🚀 Elevate Your User Experiences 🚀 Are you in search of a seasoned Mobile Developer who can take your projects to new heights? With over four years of dedicated experience, I specialize in crafting exceptional user experiences through cutting-edge technologies. Here's what sets me apart: 💡 Innovation Beyond Android: While my roots lie in Android development, I'm not limited by platforms. My proficiency extends to multiplatform development, including extensive experience with Kotlin Multiplatform Mobile (KMM). 📱 Experience Across Various Platforms: From mobile phones to tablets, handheld scanners to printers (yes, even those tricky handheld receipt printers!), I've got you covered. My solutions are tailored to deliver seamless experiences across a myriad of devices. 🎤 Strong Communicator: Not just a tech expert, I'm also adept at conveying complex ideas to diverse audiences. Whether it's presenting to groups or collaborating one-on-one, effective communication is at the core of my approach. 🔍 Expertise Across Diverse Technologies: Jetpack Compose MVVM & MVI Architectures Retrofit & Volley Flows Koin & Dagger Ktor PaperDB RxJava Coroutines KMM SwiftUI ...and more! Ready to take your projects to the next level? Let's connect and explore how I can contribute to your success.


  • AOSP
  • Smartphone
  • Native App Development
  • iOS
  • SQL
  • Figma

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