Allen Arc M.
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WORK EXPERIENCE Tournament Director 2023 - Present Xavier Debate Circle: 8th Mindanao Intervarsity Led the comprehensive planning and execution of the 8th MIV debate global competition, overseeing project proposals, committee management, and ensuring a seamless and efficient event. Directed the coordination of diverse teams, ensuring the competition's smooth operation and successful global participation. Minister of Constitutional Council 2023 - Present Xavier University - Ateneo Diplomatic Corps Directed the execution of policies and resolutions passed by both the legislative and executive branches, ensuring seamless governance. Managed the coordination and implementation of directives, ensuring alignment with the organization's objectives for effective functioning. Oversaw the enforcement of decisions, fostering a harmonious and structured operational framework within the entity. Head Researcher (GIYA: The CSG Academic Toolkit) 2022-2023 Xavier University- Central Student Government, Department of Academic Affairs Led research efforts for GIYA: The CSG Academic Toolkit, conducting comprehensive fact-checking and information gathering on addressing student concerns with professors and enrollment methods. Compiled verified data and strategies into the toolkit to facilitate effective communication between students and educators, streamlining enrollment processes for the university community. Project Head (Mini Campus Tour) 2022 - 2023 Xavier University - Ateneo Diplomatic Corps Led the Xavier Debate Circle's Mini Campus Tour, distributing roles effectively and spearheading the project's execution. Strategically introduced the Xavier Debate Circle to students outside the organization, enhancing its visibility and engaging a broader student audience through campus-wide outreach initiatives. Project Head (Career Progression and Development) 2020 - 2021 La Salle Academy - Supreme Student Government Led the initiative at La Salle Academy Iligan City, disseminating roles and spearheading a project aimed at guiding senior high school students towards suitable university choices and career paths. Orchestrated sessions introducing various universities and career opportunities aligned with students' aspirations, while leveraging alumni guest speakers to provide valuable insights and guidance for informed career decisions. Teacher Volunteer 2016 - 2019 La Salle Academy - Saint Brother Miguel Academy As a Teacher Volunteer, I dedicated time to create engaging lesson plans and activities for young students on the first and last Sundays of each month. Focused on crafting educational yet enjoyable lessons, I aimed to ensure the content was both useful and engaging for the students, fostering a positive learning experience. LEADERSHIP EXPERIENCE Deputy Prime Minister 2023 - Present Xavier Debate Circle As Deputy Prime Minister of the Xavier Debate Circle, I assumed a crucial role in implementing pivotal projects and delegating responsibilities among executive committee members. Functioning as the second-highest-ranking member, I focused on ensuring the organization's sustainability and fostering a conducive environment for its growth and success. Programs and Development Head 2023 - Present Xavier University - Central Student Government, Department of Academic Affairs Led initiatives addressing student academic concerns, devising and executing programs to enhance higher education experiences. Collaborated with stakeholders, fostering a more inclusive and supportive learning environment. Spearheaded projects advocating for educational reforms and resources to benefit the university community. 1st Year Liaison 2022 - 2023 Xavier University - Ateneo Diplomatic Corps As the First Year Liaison for AB International Studies at Xavier University, I played a vital role in uplifting the morale of first-year students. Hosted engaging programs and events aimed at fostering a supportive environment while ensuring the effective dissemination of crucial information to facilitate a smooth transition for incoming students. HUMSS Governor 2021 - 2022 La Salle Academy - Supreme Student Government As the HUMSS Governor at La Salle Academy, my role involved creating an inclusive environment for both G11 and G12 HUMSS students. I actively contributed to the Student Government (SSG), collaborating on projects that catered to the needs of the student body, ensuring a supportive and engaging atmosphere within

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