Bram A.
New York CityNY

OpenAI Consultant

I'm one of the eight global OpenAI Developer ambassadors. I’ve been consulting the community in groups sessions and one-on-ones on how to use the OpenAI API since 2020 and have a broad experience in different use cases and how to get you up and running fast! I'm also: - Teacher for GPT-3 in Production O’Reilly course - Multiple successful open source contributions and plugins related to the GPT ecosystem for Chrome, VSC, and Obsidian (20k+ downloads, 650+ stars). Also have created open source Python and JavaScript libraries (750+ stars) - Builder of production application, Stenography, that went #1 on Product Hunt and has 1500+ downloads on the VSC application - Selected Clients: Mr. Beast (audio transcription build with Whisper), OpenAI (research into capabilities for GPT-4), NCC (led development of LLM that accesses historical reference of artists career and development of production functionality) How I can help you: - For non technical teams, I will give you the necessary resources to get started on the right track and getting you set up with a safe stack to work and scale off of; including considerations for which models to use and why - For dev teams, I will sit with them and technically review their current codebase and advise the most profitable path in adding the OpenAI API to the codebase without needing to rip out too much current production code. I can assist you with *any* facet of the OpenAI API, be it embeddings, ASR, ChatGPT Plugins, etc. I have extensive experience across the entire stack.


  • OpenAI Inc.
  • GPT-4
  • OpenAI Embeddings
  • App Development
  • Full-Stack Development
  • Teaching
  • Public Speaking