Vikas K.
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NLP | Custom GPT's | Langchain | Stable Diffusion | AWS Specialist

⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ "Vikas was very responsive, understood, and respected the limited PoC scope for GPT+LangChain integration. He delivered viable v.1 of PoC within budget. He took time to explain the code in a way I could understand what work he completed. I will use Vikas again." "Would hire Vikas over and over for our work. Great worker! Highly, HIGHLY recommend." ✅ HIGHEST RATED GPT-3.5, RAG, OpenAI, Langchain, LlamaIndex, Machine Learning, Computer Vision, Deep Learning, NLP, MLOps Freelancer on Upwork, with specialization in building and deploying robust, low latency, highly available models ✅ EXPERIENCED PYTHON Scripting Engineer with specialization in different cloud services like AWS, GCP, Salesforce, Azure I have solved challenging problems for some of the most innovative startups in AI/ML space, including the following to illustrate some of them: ✅ Deci AI ✅ Aporia ✅ PyImageSearch 🌟 WHY CHOOSE ME OVER OTHER FREELANCERS? 🌟 ✅ Client Reviews: I center around offering value to the entirety of my Clients and Earning their TRUST. ✅ Responsiveness: Being amazingly responsive and keeping all lines of communication promptly open with my Clients ✅ On-Time Delivery: I ensure that I deliver quality work before the client's expectations without any hiccups 🏆Client Reviews🏆 beneath portrays the nature of work and worth that you can anticipate by working with me: "Despite the huge timezone difference, Vikas managed always to be available. He was easily reachable throughout the process and delivered what we expected on time. Great communication skills. I enjoyed working with Vikas; we recommend him and will surely reach out to him again for projects in his skillset." My Skills and tools I am experienced in: - Python, C++ - OpenAI, AssemblyAI - KNN, Decision Trees, Random Forest, SVM, PCA, Ensemble modeling - Tensorflow, Keras, Pytorch, FastAI, OpenCV, HuggingFace, Transformers, BERT, GPT-3, GPT-3.5, Whisper, LLaMA, Alpaca - MLOps, DevOps - Rest APIs, Flask, Docker, Kubernetes - AWS EC2, SQS, LAMBDA, Gateway, Fargalte, CloudFormation, Datorama

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  • PyTorch
  • Natural Language Processing
  • Python
  • TensorFlow
  • Amazon SageMaker
  • Computer Vision
  • Deep Learning
  • ChatGPT
  • Content Writing
  • AWS Lambda
  • Stable Diffusion
  • Midjourney AI