Azam I.
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ChatGPT | Machine Learning | Azure| AWS | Python

I am a seasoned Machine Learning Engineer with 9+ years of experience in Machine Learning and Software Development. My focus is on helping startups and enterprises leverage AI to boost their revenue and gain a competitive edge. 💰 Led a project utilizing Computer Vision to detect Covid from eye images , resulting in $12.6M funding and acquisition by a S&P 500 company 🚀 Successfully generated over $50M in revenue for a mid-scale startup through AI solutions ⭐ "Top Rated Plus" freelancer on Upwork, placing in the top 1% of talent on the platform 💎 Certified expert by Stanford, AWS, and Microsoft Azure 👨‍🎓 Holds a Master's in Information Technology Areas of expertise: 🔘 NLP (Text classification, Topic modelling, NER, QA, Chatbots, Text generation, Prompt engineering/Fine-tune GPT) 🔘 Machine Learning - Mlflow, SageMaker, Training, Hyper-parameter Tuning, Deployment, Auto Scaling, Monitoring Model Drift, Inference, Performance Metrics (ROC AUC, Precision, Recall, Accuracy, Python, Sklearn, Tensorflow, Transformers, and Pandas). 🔘 AWS - SageMaker, Lambda, S3 Triggers, Glue, Kinesis, DynamoDB, Athena, Lambda, Step Functions, Amplify, and QuickSight, Parquet Data, and EventBridge. 🔘 Computer vision and image processing (Object detection/segmentation/tracking, Image/Video classification, Image generation, OCR) 🔘 Tabular/Numeric data analysis (Data analysis and visualisation for sales data/customer behaviour data) Ready to work with businesses and take them to the next level through AI-driven solutions

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  • PyTorch
  • NLTK
  • TensorFlow
  • Reinforcement Learning
  • ChatGPT
  • Prompt Engineering
  • Chatbot Development


Endorsements from past clients

"It is with great enthusiasm that I recommend Azam, our Senior Machine Learning Engineer at Fortem Genus. Azam's superior work ethic, impeccable quality of work, and exceptional mentoring abilities has significantly contributed to our organization's success. His deep understanding of machine learning principles has enabled him to lead and execute groundbreaking projects that have propelled our company to new heights. Azam's ability to cultivate a collaborative and nurturing environment has been invaluable to the growth of our team. His patience and dedication to mentorship have fostered the development of fellow engineers, pushing them to achieve their full potential. Azam's commitment to excellence serves as an inspiration to us all, making him an indispensable asset to Fortem Genus. "

fredrick l. | CTO
Mar 2023