Luca E.
Rising Talent

Sustainability Consultant

I am recognized for my talent in creating captivating designs and delivering tailored presentations for effective communication using tools such as PowerPoint, Canva, and Word. With a modern, convincing, and clean approach, I excel in transforming ideas into visually compelling materials that resonate with diverse audiences. Throughout my career, I have been awarded for my strong reporting, research, and analytical skills, which I continuously refine and apply in my work. I particularly enjoy crafting customized graphs and diagrams in Excel to meet specific client requirements, ensuring clarity and impact in data representation. Proficient in three languages—French, English, and Italian—I bring a multicultural perspective to my work, enabling me to engage with global stakeholders and cater to international audiences seamlessly. Driven by a proactive approach, I am eager to fuse my aspirations for personal and professional growth with my dedication to shaping a sustainable future. By aligning my principles with my skills, I aim to make meaningful contributions that advance both organizational objectives and broader societal goals.


  • Sustainable Design
  • Sustainability
  • Report
  • Presentation Slide
  • Presentations
  • PowerPoint Presentation
  • Office 365
  • Document Analysis