Yaver H.
AucklandNew Zealand

Lead/Senior Software developer

Application Development - What do I use? Primarily Java, specifically micro services with spring boot but could be anything Won't rule out Python and Node Least 90% unit tests (that could include integration tests too). Sorry we will put a quality gate in place that won't allow code merge if you dont meet certain criteria's, that include no bugs, 90% tests, no redundant code, least code smells. Plus we will do human Code reviews to cover what machine didn't cover. Is one click deployment to production a thing? Yes it is. And what do we do 1. Quality Gate above passes 2. Code PRs passed 3. Packaged bundle say jar/docker image/helm is checked for vulnerabilities, use Nexus IQ 4. API/UI testing a must after deployment to pre prod staging 5. Yes don't forget good logging, ELK, Graylog and stand a dashboard on logs that display error areas. Gone are days of probing sys logs 6. Monitoring is a must. Datadoug? Open source Prometheus / Grafana. Set enough alerts in there to tell you about the problem before hand or when it happens so you are the first to know about problem before users start shouting. Set useful resource usage, Performance dashboards and make it accessible to team. All you need to do is keep an eye on that dashboard and alerts to make sure your system is on track. Ok thats high level. And I think there is plenty to add. At low level, goal is write quality code that is sympathetic to machine and its resources :) and painless to users :)


  • Spring Boot
  • Spring Data
  • Spring Cloud
  • Prometheus
  • Grafana
  • OpenShift
  • Database