Onur Y.

PLC Programmer & Automation Field Engineering

News! I moved to Orlando, Florida U.S.A. for your needs. Please message me! Siemens Simatic PLC Series (S7-300, S7-1200, S7-1500, and HMI units) with LAD & FBD & STL programming. Codesys ST + LD programming and visualization Electrical - Electronics Engineer (M.Sc.) + University Lecturer What's more: - Game Quality Assurance with Android games and Steam platform games - I can review your Android apps, and games in terms of glitch/bug UI/UX + QA tests. - Game review, critics, testing videos with "One-day playing" title on my YouTube channel - Playing your mobile games on my YouTube channel for the audience's interest. - AutoCAD 2021 2D and 3D drawing CAD projects. - SolidWorks part and assembly design - English, Hungarian, Turkish Voice Acting, Reading texts with dictation & pronunciation - English to Turkish translation services - Roblox game creation, game text creation, game design, Lua scripting with Roblox Studio - Roblox game development with Roblox Studio, Lua coding for Roblox, and microprocessors. - Roblox catalog creation for avatar t-shirts, pants, and fashion gears. - I have so far published 4 different Roblox games. - AutoCAD, 3D Studio Max Design - Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Access, Visio - Android Studio app development above API 25 of Android. (Since Android v4+) - Studio One 5 music making + Melodyne - Matlab, Simulink, and GUI design and coding - Helping and fixing your computer problems with remote help. - Camtasia Studio for video editing & sound editing - Mobile game UI and UX design and tests - SPSS Basic Analysis, ANOVA, Chi-square tests. - PLC-SCADA User Interface automation design and system management - Arduino boards, and Raspberry Pi boards to make circuit and software projects. - Electronic circuits design/board/calculations - English to Turkish, Turkish to English, Hebrew to Turkish, Hungarian to Turkish translate - I can provide YouTube Channel management for your success. I can help you to manage your YouTube channel. My QA Testing devices: Samsung Tab S8 Ultra Samsung Galaxy Note 20 Ultra For Academic Purposes, universities, institutions, and quality accreditation processes: - Lesson schedule planning - Accreditation procedures - Quality procedures - Key Learning Outcomes for Lectures - Course Structure Credit Diagram Design - Academic papers, academic congress, international studies Why I'm on Upwork? I want to share my knowledge and experience with people all around the world. My English is fluent and easy to understand even in making phone calls, and active talking and discussing. (Ielts 2016 - Overall 6) I'm currently working full-time at a university being a lecturer about engineering courses in Ankara, Turkey. My recent work was about the Maintenance and Repairment of Turkish Highway Tunnels' industrial equipment such as cameras, PLC-SCADA, and traffic technologies such as detecting cars and repairing the devices leading to my team of 21 professionals, technicians, mechanics, and system masters. In Sinop, Artvin - Turkey.


  • YouTube
  • PLC Programming
  • PreSonus Studio One
  • Android Studio
  • Electronics
  • Roblox Studio
  • Turkish
  • PLC

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Get started working with Onur quickly with these predefined projects.

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