Tarek A.
Rising Talent

Project Management | Machine Learning,Deep Learning, Keras

I recently graduated in Mechatronics Engineering from a French university. Currently, I am studying machine learning at AMIT and pursuing a Data Engineering certification at Data Camp. I love Natural Language Processing (NLP) and am particularly passionate about exploring its applications. I am excited to apply my skills and knowledge in machine learning, data engineering, and NLP to real-world projects and challenges. Additionally, I hope to channel my enthusiasm for NLP into creating a chatbot later this year. PERSONAL PROJECTS * Diamond price predictor: o Utilizing the Random Forest Model and other advanced techniques to forecast diamond prices. * * Predicting Bank Customer Churn: o Employing classification models to predict which customers are likely to terminate their contracts with the bank. * Insurance Charge Estimation: Develop models to predict insurance charges for enhanced accuracy and risk assessment


  • Machine Learning
  • Keras
  • Neural Network
  • Feature Engineering
  • Python
  • TensorFlow
  • Deep Learning