Aiman N.
Kuwait CityKuwait
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Software Engineer | Sound Engineer | Information Technologist

Hello and welcome to my Upwork profile! I am a versatile and highly skilled professional with a broad spectrum of expertise in Web Development, App Development, Data Entry, Audio Editing, Sound Mixing, Data Scraping, Database Administration, Microsoft Office proficiency, Application Testing, Payment Method Testing, Web Security, Artificial Intelligence, Software Development, Game Development, Typing at 60 words per minute with 100% efficiency, Administration Support, Invoice and Billing Processes, Financial Accounting, Music Production, Translation, Project Management and Social Media Management Key Highlights: - Web & App Development: With hands-on experience in both web and app development, I bring a comprehensive understanding of the latest technologies and trends. I have successfully delivered robust and user-friendly solutions, tailored to meet the unique needs of clients. -Data Entry Specialist: Meticulous attention to detail is my forte. As a data entry specialist, I ensure the accuracy and integrity of data, managing large volumes efficiently. - Audio Editing & Sound Mixing: I possess a creative edge in audio editing and sound mixing, contributing to the production of engaging and polished multimedia content. - Data Scraper & Database Administrator: Proficient in data scraping techniques and adept at database administration, I am well-equipped to extract valuable insights and optimize databases for optimal performance. - Application & Payment Method Testing: I conduct rigorous testing to guarantee a seamless user experience, including thorough application and payment method testing to identify and resolve any potential issues. - Web Security & Artificial Intelligence: I implement robust web security measures and stay abreast of artificial intelligence advancements, integrating innovative solutions into relevant projects. - Software & Game Development: Actively contributing to the entire development lifecycle, I am well-versed in software and game development, adapting to evolving industry landscapes. - Typing & Administration Support: With a typing speed of 60 words per minute and 100% efficiency, coupled with strong organizational skills, I provide reliable administration support, including efficient invoice and billing processes. Why Choose Me: - Adaptability: I thrive in dynamic environments and adapt quickly to new technologies and challenges. - Creativity: My creative approach enhances the quality of work, particularly in multimedia content production. - Precision: Attention to detail is at the forefront of my work, ensuring accurate and high-quality deliverables. - Efficiency: My efficiency in data management, administration tasks, and project delivery sets me apart. I am eager to contribute my skills and commitment to excellence to the projects given. Let's collaborate and achieve great things together!

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  • Cybersecurity Tool
  • Python
  • Database
  • Adobe XD
  • Office 365
  • Music & Sound Design
  • GUI Design
  • Typing
  • QuickBooks Online API
  • Virtual Assistance