Farooq K.

Medical content writer/ Copywriter/ Essay writing

Hi there, I'm Farooq, I'm a final year medical student, writer and designer with a passion for creativity and critical thinking. I excel in various forms of writing, including medical content writing, creative writing, essay writing, and letter writing to editors on various research papers. I also have experience in logo design and enjoy bringing ideas to life through visual representation. I have a 3 original research projects that will get published by the end of this year as an undergrad. My strengths lie in researching and developing proposals and ideas for a variety of projects. Additionally, I have a keen eye for detail and enjoy song writing and reviews of music, movies, TV shows, and food. I am constantly seeking new challenges to grow and develop my skills, and I believe in the power of communication to connect people and ideas.


  • Research Proposals
  • Teaching
  • Health & Fitness
  • Writing Critique
  • Mental Health
  • Research Paper Writing
  • Food Writing
  • Music Review
  • Songwriting