Ruben V.
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Meticulous writer, thinker, problem solver, efficient communicator.

Flexibility: I am willing to negotiate about everything. I highly value my time, and I make that work by choosing jobs that are enriching. Timewise, I am currently in Bali (Singapore time), but I can handle any schedule you throw at me. Technical Skill: I am not a coder, but I do love code. I grew up with commodore 64 and MS-DOS CLIs. If I am handling a piece of software, I will dig into the code until I can converse fluently with the QA and Dev teams. I recognize patterns and trends in the inquiries of end-users to constantly streamline and improve the available support documentation. I enjoy the process of continually improving things, finding ways of being more efficient, and collaborating with various teams harmoniously. I have experience and can troubleshoot issues with Linux, Windows Powershell, Python, GitHub, node.js, docker, discord, zendesk, etc. I don't need much time to become proficient with different software. I don't require any hand-holding or micromanagement but always appreciate your feedback. I test and push applications to their breaking points to better understand the various issues of end-users. Where writing is concerned: I never aspired to become a writer. I thought my need to be precise with my language was merely a character trait. Over time it dawned on me that my insistence on making the most elaborate explanations of the most mundane things is not only entertaining but valuable. I rapidly absorb information in large volumes. I want to have a deep and dynamic understanding of what I write about. I quickly spot patterns, formulas, and repetitions. There are many tried and true methods for engaging the attention of potential readers, but I also look for opportunities to innovate. My aim is not just to engage someone's attention but to catalyze an emotional experience in them, whatever the subject. To create the strongest possible impression with the smallest amount of information. Words are hypnotic; it's all about the way you use them.
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  • Customer Engagement
  • Community Engagement
  • Partnership Coaching
  • Psycholinguistics
  • Research & Strategy
  • Consumer Review
  • Cryptocurrency
  • Management Consulting