Haseeb A.

Ecommerce Growth Specialist

I am a Senior Ecommerce Growth Specialist at Dentsu Creative based in Mumbai, India, currently working remotely. I have been dedicated to driving impactful results in the world of digital advertising and e-commerce. My role involves developing and executing goal-oriented PPC search campaigns across various platforms, including Amazon Sponsored Products, Brands, Display, and Flipkart PLA, PCA ads. I take pride in managing a substantial monthly advertising budget, totaling approximately between €2-€3 million and ₹4-₹5 Crore, with a keen focus on optimizing media performance through bid fine-tuning, strategic placements, and keyword analysis. Additionally, I've successfully executed Amazon DSP campaigns, leveraging creativity, advanced targeting, and diverse formats to enhance brand visibility and engagement. Tracking and analyzing key metrics like TACOS, ACOS, ROAS, CPC, CTR, revenue, and store page analytics are integral to my work. I am committed to generating detailed reports, providing clients with live access to monitor progress, and staying updated with industry trends to implement innovative strategies for business growth. My role extends beyond advertising, as I also manage e-commerce operations across multiple platforms, including Amazon.in, Amazon.co.uk, Ebay.com, Noon.com, Flipkart.com, Myntra.com, and Shopify.com. This entails handling portal cases, maintaining account health, and ensuring seamless multi-platform operations. I'm also responsible for collaborating on timely Amazon storefront updates, overseeing the creation of branded rich content, advising on A+ content, and optimizing inventory and order fulfillment. In the realm of media management, I have had the privilege to work with esteemed clients such as Pepe Jeans, Heineken, Hindustan Coca Cola Beverages, Yamaha, Racold, Orient Electric, Sebamed, United Breweries, and 3M Car Care. Through my efforts, I've consistently achieved impressive results, including elevating brand visibility and AOV by 10-15% quarterly, reducing ACOS/TACOS by 2-3% monthly, and increasing ROAS by 4-5% quarterly. Moreover, I've maintained CPC within the range of €0.20-€0.60 and ₹25-₹40 for PPC campaigns monthly, boosted CTR and CVR by 5% in paid campaigns quarterly, and achieved a 20% surge in organic search traffic and revenue through improved listings. Lightning Deals, coupons, discounts, and Amazon Prime Day promotions have driven a 40-50% sales upswing, while efficient Amazon FBA program management resulted in 15% faster delivery. My dynamic pricing strategies have increased Buy Box ownership by 10%, and I've boosted monthly glance views for key products by an average of 7%. I've also managed e-commerce photoshoots, conducted listing audits for accuracy and compliance, and tracked purchase order delivery to optimize stock replenishment. Implementing cross-selling strategies, coordinating logistics, and contributing to offline events for brand awareness and sales are all part of my holistic approach to e-commerce management. Lastly, my dedication extends to creating engaging product descriptions in collaboration with marketing teams, analyzing sales data to identify trends for improvement and expansion, and providing management with regular performance reports and valuable insights. In essence, my journey in the world of e-commerce and digital advertising has been marked by excellence, innovation, and a relentless commitment to achieving outstanding results.


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