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Amazon & Walmart Two Step Dropshipping Expert | Amazon FBA, WFS Expert

Amazon & Walmart Two Step Dropshipping Expert | Amazon FBA & Walmart WFS Expert Dear Client, Are you looking for an expert or a team for your Amazon FBA and FBM as well as Walmart dropshipping and WFS business? You are in the right place. I am Md. Rana Miah and I have 5 years of working experience as a virtual assistant in Amazon and Walmart. I am an Amazon and Walmart two step dropshipping expert which is called FBM as well as I am an expert on FBA and WFS. How does Two Step Dropshipping work? Dropshipping means we will purchase from another retail or wholesale supplier and after getting orders in our store, we will deliver each items to customer directly. So, fulfillment service will be given by us. The normal process of dropshipping is called dropshipping automation which is completely banned by Amazon and Walmart. So, we do not do retail automation dropshipping but we use an warehouse to repack our items so that nobody will get our supplier brand packaging like Walmart and Amazon prime. So, our customer will get our own packaging. Now come to the shipment procedure. We will buy shipping label from Amazon buy shipping option. This is a service by Amazon that they are selling the shipping label for the specific order. If we buy that shipping label from Amazon, our valid tracking rate will have always 100% and Amazon will have the delivery proof for each order. Same policy will be applicable for Walmart dropshipping. The prep house or 3pl we are maintaining has special software to manage each order and return accurately. So, this is completely legal and safe business for lifetime. For the dropshipping business, we will have more than 30% profit margin on total investment. How do FBA and WFS work? First of all FBA means Fulfillment by Amazon and WFS means Walmart fulfillment service. In this model fulfillment service will be given by Amazon and Walmart. We have to buy items from supplier and we will send all items to our 3pl then they will repack the item and will send to Amazon or Walmart. After getting orders Amazon and Walmart will deliver the items to customers directly. In this model we will have 30%+ margin on total investment. We will do business on profit sharing basis. Our monthly split will be 40/60%. I will get 40% every month after making money. I have 100+ employees in my agency and all are experienced and ready to serve you. I am offering you these services. • Product research • Product listing • Inventory management • Repricing product • Order processing • Account health care • Order tracking and confirm shipment and 3pl management. Some others services I am providing 1. Amazon and Walmart account creation 2. LLC creation I will deal with all of the problems if you get warnings from Amazon and Walmart. I always consider the account health so that you can run your business happily. If you need these services, you are welcome. Do business, make profits, and lead your life. Thank you.

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  • Product Research
  • Amazon FBA
  • Product Listings
  • Amazon
  • Amazon Listing Optimization
  • Amazon Webstore
  • eBay PPC
  • Research Paper Writing
  • Case Studies
  • Academic Research
  • Editing & Proofreading
  • Academic Proofreading
  • Academic Editing
  • Product Marketing
  • Business Cases
  • Coursework Assignment

Get started working with Md Rana quickly with these predefined projects.

Get started working with Md Rana quickly with these predefined projects.

You will get amazon and walmart product research for two step dropshipping

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You will get an amazon wholesale FBA expert

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You will get store manager for Amazon and Walmart two-step dropshipping

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