Hoa N.
Ho Chi Minh CityVietnam

Mobile Development | Android, Mobile App, Android SDK, C++, Animation

HIGHLIGHT - Having around 10 years of experience in software development as a Mobile developer, mainly in Android and Flutter - Good knowledge of Object-Oriented Programming, Design Patterns, and Clean code. - Good knowledge of software architecture, System Designs for mobile - Having experience in designing and developing high availability, secured, and auto-scaling applications on Android, Flutter Mobile. - Having experience in developing Android applications using Java and Kotlin, Dart, with high quality by implementing unit testing, integration testing, linting style, and checking code coverages. - Having experience in cross-platform Android, Ios, and Web.. with Flutter development - React Native RESPONSIBILITIES - Clarifying requirements, and then prototyping, and designing solutions with pros/cons. - Implementing code and code reviews. - Writing Unit Tests, and Integration Tests - Automating manual steps, and resolving blocks in the coding process - Knowledge sharing and presenting demos on product-related concepts, and technology. TECHNICAL SKILLS - Languages & Scripting: Kotlin, Java, Dart - Architecture Design: MVVM, MVP, Clean Architecture - Concurrency: Coroutines, RxJava, Thread - Network: RESTful, Retrofit, OkHttp, Gson, Json, GraphAPI, ktor - Android Components: Android SDK, Android NDK, Biometric, Push Notification, CameraX, Lottie, Google Map API. - Jetpack Component: LiveData, ViewModels, Flows, ViewBinding, DataBinding, Paging, RoomDB, Navigation,… - Dependency Injection: Dagger2/Hilt, koin - Databases: Room, SQLite - Firebase: Cloud Message Notification, Remote Config, Crashlytics, Dynamic Links, Authentication, Analytics, RealtimeDB - CI/CD: Gitlab CI/CD, Github Actions, Sonarqube, detekt, Firebase Distribution, Testflight - Frameworks & Libraries: OAuth 2.0(Google, Facebook, Dropbox, Twitter…), Payoo Payment SDK, Momo Payment SDK, Intercom SDKGlide, Picasso, Coil, Leakcanary, Zxing SDK, ImagePicker, Facebook Shimmer, Leak Canary, Timber. - Testing: Integration test, Unit test (JUinit5, mockk, Mockito, kotest) - Methodology: Agile, Scrum - Flutter (Dart, BLoC, GetIt, freezed, hive, json_anonotation, firebase, dio, notification,) 3rd SDK: - Facescan : Anura SDK native android. - AHI MutiScan SDK (Flutter) - iFeel, Teladoc SDK webpage (Singapore) - Payoo Payment Android SDK


  • Mobile App
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